Christmas cookies Snowflakes from chocolate

Christmas Biscuits Snowflakes from chocolate- a culinary recipe for delicious biscuits for New Year and Christmas.


For the test:

  1. dark chocolate 200 g;
  2. Wheat flour 500 gr;
  3. soft butter 225 g;
  4. sugar 225 gr;
  5. eggs 3 pieces;
  6. a pinch of salt.

To glaze:

  1. squirrels 2 eggs;
  2. powdered sugar 500 g;
  3. lemon juice 5 ml.


  1. rolling pin;
  2. star shaped cookie cutter
  3. baking tray;
  4. pastry bag with glaze nozzle.


Slowly melt the chocolate and mix it with soft butter. Separately, beat eggs with sugar, add a pinch of salt and flour. Then in the resulting mixture add chocolate with butter and mix well. Next, spread the dough on a floured surface and gently knead. Then roll out the dough to a thickness of about 5 mm.

With the help of the form, we cut the cookies out of the dough and gently spread them on a baking sheet, which we set for 10 minutes in the oven, preheated to 200 ° C. Then remove the baking tray and let the liver cool down.

Next, proceed to the preparation of the glaze. To do this, sift icing sugar, beat the egg whites until a foamy fluffy mass is formed, and gradually add lemon juice and sifted powder, while continuing to beat constantly until the mass becomes porous. Then we fill the pastry bag with the resulting glaze and draw the stars on cookies using a thin nozzle.

The icing on the consistency should not be too hard, because in this case it does not stick to the cookies, and also should not be liquid so as not to spread.

Then we draw from the center to the ends of the star line to make a snowflake. After the glaze has been applied, the cookies are placed in an airtight container.

New Year's Cookies Chocolate snowflakesis ready.

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