New Year 2014 ideas: gifts, crafts and decorations

Sometimes we find that the New Year holidays are just around the corner, and we have not done more than half of what was planned. Then we begin to do everything at once, but still do not have time. Therefore, it is better to prepare everything for the holiday in advance. Already at the end of autumn you can be puzzled by the choice of a New Year's dress and the search for gifts. A week before the celebration, you can begin to decorate the apartment.

How to decorate the home?

Traditionally, first of all, turn to the Chinese calendar. The blue wooden horse will become the mistress of 2014, and she will surely appreciate your attempt to appease her, arranging wooden souvenirs, vases, and caskets around the apartment. Well, without figures of the horse, too, nowhere - they will become the decoration of the house, and an excellent gift for the new year for guests. Leave yourself a small statuette - it will bring good luck, because the spirit of this animal will be present all year round in your home. New Year's holidays are a good reason to discover your talents.Your awakened design abilities will give a fabulous look to an ordinary apartment. Good and wise horse loves luxury. Use in the adornments blue, green, purple, blue colors - those that are characteristic of the new symbol of the year. If you wait for guests, then you should think over the design of the hallway and stock yourself with ideas of New Year's crafts. At the entrance there is a fir-tree wreath with bells and a horseshoe, a large vase with spruce or pine branches on the floor, balloons and a poster with a nice New Year joke and / or a funny picture-all this will immediately set the guests on the desired festive wave. Let the festive atmosphere be present in the kitchen. Put a pine branch on the dining table, and decorate the spice set with green or blue satin ribbon. Spread in the room where you plan to cover the table, balloons and decorate the walls and ceiling with serpentine. You can decorate Christmas tree decorations not only with the Christmas tree itself, you can tie them to furniture handles. New Year's Eve will not do without candles. Do not put them just next to the tree and other flammable objects. A hay bunch and a bowl with water under the tree should be like a horse.The future talisman will be gracious to you all next year. Reflecting on the decoration of the apartment for the New Year, many, first of all, will remember about the spruce. An alternative to a tree can be a beautiful composition of coniferous branches. Spruce branches can also be attached to the wall.

Dip the children in a fairy tale

Decorating the house, do not forget about the younger generation. Have the children paint the glass doors and windows with Christmas patterns. Only paint for this use easily washable: gouache or watercolor. The children should be delighted when there is still a chance to engage in activities of this kind with impunity. Behind this occupation, little artists will also feel like real wizards - after all, they do the work of Santa Claus himself! Give the children magic scissors and beautiful magic paper, and cute snowflakes will decorate your walls and windows. And the real miracle can be created on a sheet of drawing paper. Let your son or daughter portray Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, a decorated Christmas tree, various animals and everything that the child himself wants to draw. Be sure to hang this masterpiece on the most prominent place. These are just a few ideas for decorating your apartment.Do not be afraid to dream, and your home itself will become a holiday. Well, well ... HAPPY NEW HAPPINESS!

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