Nicole Kidman in Petersburg wears dresses of Russian designers

The Hollywood star was “declassified” by producer Yana Rudkovskaya, who had hinted earlier about the possible visit of the actress to the banks of the Neva on the eve.

Introducing her followers, Yana began the day before. The producer hinted at a visit to St. Petersburg of a Hollywood megastar and the upcoming then secret luxury evening, smoothly flowing into dinner in company with it. Well, the name of the star Rudkovskaya was voiced a bit later by posting a video from a river walk along the Neva and the signature “beautiful morning in St. Petersburg. In the evening we will have an amazing dinner with Nicole Kidman. ”

Publication from (@rudkovskayaofficial)28 Aug 2018 at 1:21 PDT

But Kidman herself did not say a word, did not share with the large army of her fans the news about the upcoming trip to Russia! Not surprisingly, many regarded Yana's words as a joke. And how wrong they were.

Nicole Kidman really came to St. Petersburg. Not to shoot (and sorry), but not just.For a long flight, the actress decided to participate in the opening of the exhibition of vintage watches Omega. Her Time - the collection can be seen in the Marble Palace until September 12. The actress has already opened a similar exhibition in Beijing, but she did not come to Moscow. So in this small confrontation between the two capitals, the North prevailed.

Aug 28, 2018 at 6:58 am PDT

However, for a long time the Hollywood diva will not linger in the city on the Neva. Nicole flew to St. Petersburg on Monday afternoon. And, barely settling in the luxurious room of one of the hotels in the very center of the city, I went for a walk along the Neva. At the helm was St. Petersburg Konstantin Semukhin. By the way, he was almost the only one with whom the Oscar-winning star wanted to make a joint photo. About how he managed, it seemed impossible, Konstantin told on his page in social networks, accompanied by a post convincing photo.

“I needed a photo with her in the background against the background of Byzantium, and she decided to take a picture with me. I did not dare to ask her back to climb. A walk, obviously liked. Thanks said, - shared his impressions Konstantin. “It is very positive, without a gram of arrogance and snobbery, as is often seen among customers.”


Well, the next day, the actress went to meet friends of the watch company at the So Sofitel’s restaurant overlooking St. Isaac’s Cathedral. And there were a lot of friends, and all celebrities. Yana Rudkovskaya, Lyaysan Utiasheva and Pavel Volya, Matilda Shnurova, singer Yulianna Karaulova, actress Victoria Isakova, designers Igor Chapurin and Vika Gazinskaya, finalist of the “Bachelor” with Egor Kridom Victoria Korotkova, “Miss Russia - 2015” Sofia Nikitchuk, a model, a drawing artist, a Miss Russia model, Ye Ms. Timati Alena Shishkova, popular Asian actress Bella Rani Kampen and Polish - Magdalena Bocharska. Many of them flew to St. Petersburg the day before and managed to ride along rivers and canals, look into the Savior on Blood and wander through the numerous halls of the Hermitage.

During friendly gatherings, during which the winner of the Oscar for her role in the movie “Hours” shared her impressions of St. Petersburg and the actual hours, guests were treated to delicious dishes. Smoked duck, foie gras, deer terrine, mango and strawberries were served as a starter, and the main course offered a choice of riyet made from lamb leg with eggplant or salmon fillet with basmati rice and Provencal sauce.

“It makes no sense to hide it: she is a goddess,” Igor Chapurin did not hide his admiration. “Nicole Kidman is incredibly beautiful,” Yana Rudkovskaya echoed him. Impressions from the star - continuous delight.

In the evening, a secular reception was held in the Marble Palace, the main guest of which was Nicole Kidman again. On the evening appearance, the actress put on a black dress filled with Russian designer Uliana Sergienko.

The menu is to match the distinguished guests: Kamchatka crab with truffle, calf cheeks with prunes and beetroot chips, tataki of beef with kinchi and peanut sauce, and for dessert - coconut cream with Thai mango and white chocolate.

Aug 28, 2018 at 11:01 am PDT

By the way, Yana Rudkovskaya did not deceive; she really dined almost shoulder to shoulder with Nicole. The Hollywood actress was fascinated by the entourage of the Marble Palace, as well as an extraordinary banquet table, with live roses under the glass surface.

- Amazing! (Amazingly. - Approx., - Nicole did not stop repeating.

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