Nikita Mikhalkov on New Wave proved to be completely healthy

The director appeared at the rehearsal of "New Wave" in a blue fashionable suit, tanned and cheerful.

Previously, no one would have looked closely at Nikita Sergeevich so closely. But the 70-year-old director himself made us worry about him. Just a couple of months ago, Mikhalkov came down to the hospital with pneumonia, which was the first time he was forced to miss the opening of his own film festival.

“Nikita Sergeyevich caught a cold at an economic forum in St. Petersburg and is undergoing treatment,” his representatives said at the time.

Ask Nikita Mikhalkov to ask the doctors only for the closing of the Moscow International Film Festival. Then he looked slightly pale, but cheerful. And after the director was no longer seen, he did not go to social events for two months.

No wonder that everyone was waiting for his appearance in Sochi.

How does the beloved director feel? Did the disease cause complications? How did he feel in general? The journalists asked Mikhalkov to ask for it all. And he, walking through the entire hall, almost skipping, waved his hand with the words: "Everything is great for me."

Doubt, in fact, no one had. Nikita Sergeevich looked very fresh: tanned, rested, in blue pants and a fashionable python leather jacket. He took his place on the stage and, without long conversations, set about rehearsing.

When he spoke, everyone forgot their business, only he was listened to. He told entertaining stories about each of the upcoming songs, about films and filming, directors and Soviet censorship.

“Nikita Sergeevich, let’s show you the text on the screen as a hint,” suggested the directors at the site.

“What are you, what screen? I will say as God wills, now I remembered half of the stories on the go, and how well they fit in, ”Mikhalkov answered without a hint of coquetry.

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