Nominal composition

Cut the branches with pruning shears to a length of about 10 cm. Cut the toothpicks with a pruning shear into pieces of different lengths - from 2 to 2.5 cm, using both pointed ends. Mash the dough (see recipe on p. 230), roll it into a palm shape (one end should be twice as wide as the other) and form the basis of the composition. The thickness of the dough should be about 1.5 cm, the cut of this "cake" should

Stick into the dough twigs depicting trees - one from a narrow edge, the other from a wide one. Around the "tree" growing on the wide end of the base, form a "fence" of toothpicks, sticking them in a semicircle into the dough. Then dry the base thoroughly in the oven.

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Glue the dried base with moss using a quick-drying all-purpose adhesive. Then use a sharp knife to cut transverse crossbeams about 1 cm long for a hedge with a sharp knife and also gently glue with universal glue, connecting several poles with one crossbar.If you wish, you can “plant bushes” near the fence, using thin sprigs of dried gypsophila for this purpose. Sprigs should be broken into short branchy segments, smeared the ends of the segments with universal glue and just stick them in the moss near the fence.

Then proceed to the linen hanging on a string. To begin with, make trial variants from a paper napkin, and then, choosing the most successful, use pieces of paper as patterns. A napkin (and then a batiste) cut into as many rectangles as the letters in the names "that you are going to write. The rectangles must be of different sizes. In order for the batiste not to crumble, it is necessary to very carefully cut around the edges of each rectangle with PVA glue and wait until the glue dries. You can paint rectangles and put on some of them a picture of tiny flowers, peas. When the glue is dry, fold the pieces of fabric in half, then unfold and draw a capillary pen on each rectangle with one of the letters of the name.

When the letters are dry, slightly weave the pieces of fabric and carefully hang them in the correct order on a string.

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