Laptop stand on cushion

We make a very comfortable and practicalLaptop holder on a pillow. A great stand for those who hold it on their lap when working at a laptop. Thanks to the soft cushion, your feet will be comfortable and pleasant, and the laptop will stand on a flat hard surface. If you wish, you can put a small cooling pad for a laptop on this stand.

Materials and tools:

  1. 6-8 mm thick plywood sheet
  2. plywood sheet 10-20 mm thick
  3. dense foam rubber 3-5 cm (thicker);
  4. varnish (stain, paint) and brush;
  5. thick fabric;
  6. saw;
  7. sandpaper;
  8. marker or ruler;
  9. construction stapler;
  10. glue gun;
  11. Paint for fabric, foam brush and cardboard for stencil (if you apply the pattern on the fabric).

Step 1

From a sheet of plywood with a thickness of 10-20 mm, we saw out the main worktop of the stand. The size (width and length) depends on the size of your laptop - we add about 3-5 cm on each side to the width and length of the laptop. In this case, for a MacBook Pro 43x35 cm. &Nbsp;

Thoroughly sand the surface and the edges of the tabletop with emery paper. We put the stain on the countertop.

Step 2

You can skip this step.

Cut a stencil out of cardboard with a paper knife. Using paint on the fabric and foam brush, apply a pattern on the fabric through a stencil. Leave it to dry the paint.

In this master class, a repeating pattern was chosen, so first they dyed the fabric. If you choose a single or complex pattern, then first it is better to wrap a pillow with a cloth and then apply the pattern.

Step 3

Now we take a sheet of plywood with a thickness of 6-8 mm and saw off a rectangle, the width and length of which is approximately 5 cm less than the width and length of the main table top. Next, cut out a thick foam rubber rectangle of the same size as plywood 6-8 mm thick.

Step 4

We put on the table first a cloth, then foam rubber and a rectangle of 6-8 mm plywood on top. We wrap a pillow with a cloth and fasten the edges of the fabric with a construction stapler to plywood. All excess fabric is cut off.

Step 5

Put the tabletop on the table, put a pillow on top of it, align it at the edges and lightly draw a pencil. Remove the pillow.

Using a hot melt glue gun, apply a sufficiently large amount of glue to the circled area of ​​the tabletop. Put the pillow on top and press down. Wait until the glue dries.

A hot glue gun glues wood surfaces well enough, but if you are worried, you can additionally fasten the plywood with screws and hide the hats with a decorative putty.

Allsoft laptop standis ready.

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