Occasional Relationships: Behavior Rules for Women

Of course, no one wants to be alone with a pervert or a rude, even for one evening. In order not to get disappointed with a fleeting novel instead of pleasure, it is necessary to learn to understand people perfectly or to look for a partner in the most “safe” places - at parties with acquaintances, for example.

  • Going to a party to “relax” a bit, it is important to take care of your own health in advance. For example, buy condoms.
  • Do not be afraid to take the initiative in their hands, otherwise there is a risk to waste time. And you should not be disappointed if you did not manage to reach orgasm or everything in bed was not “perfect” - as a rule, partners need time to get used to each other and learn to catch each other's sexual signals - with random sex there is no such possibility.
  • You should not “load” a casual partner with your problems and complaints about life. Your short novel has another goal: to relax and have fun.
  • It is not necessary to consider casual sex as a chance to find “your destiny” - this happens, but very rarely.
  • Before you enter into intimate intimacy with an old friend, think about whether a fleeting sex will ruin your friendship?
  • Do not be too show your sexual temperament - it can scare a partner.
  • Alcohol “for courage” is not a bad remedy, but in very small quantities, otherwise there is a risk that there will be no even a memory of a pleasant evening.

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