Octopus of Threads

octopus from threads
Want to entertain your child? Spend a few minutes for an exciting process of making a thread octopus. Attract the kid to this entertaining work - he will be delighted. You will need: • Threads • • Scissors • A small piece of padding polyester • • Cardboard rectangular shape • Glue • Colored paper (blue and white) Process of making an octopus:
 octopus from threads
1 . On a rectangular piece of cardboard (the size of your octopus will depend on its height) wind the threads in the center. Remove them carefully and cut with scissors on one side.
 octopus from threads
2. From the same side, carefully fasten the thread base of the octopus with a thread (with a little distance from its edge). On the head of an octopus, this is how a funny hairstyle (hairs) will turn out.
 octopus from threads
3.Execute the head - place the prepared piece of sintepon inside the thread base, so that it is completely invisible (disguise it carefully with threads).
 octopus from threads
4 . Underneath the head, tie the place from which you can make an octopus skirt. 5. Divide this “skirt” into equal strands by volume (it is better that you get 7 strands). 6. Each strand plaits in a pigtail. At the end, fasten it with a thread. 7. From fantasy paper cut eyes. The mouth can be made either from red paper, or from a small piece of red thread. Glue them to the head, forming a little face. Your fantastic character - the octopus of threads is ready!

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