Office and other furniture from the PinskDrev factory

For a long time now mankind has been trying to make its life comfortable and cozy. To do this, each owner of an apartment or house surrounds himself with all sorts of furniture. Today, dozens of companies are involved in its release. If you need to purchase this or that piece of furniture, the residents of our country pay special attention to price and quality. Durable products and at the optimal cost produces and sells the company PinskDrev. Thanks to a wide range, you can buy all kinds of furniture and furnish it with all the rooms, as well as minor items for interior decoration.

Variety of furniture from "PinskDrev"

PinskDrev, one of the leaders on the Belarusian market, is ready to offer the following:

  • upholstered furniture. Products differ in functionality and presentable appearance. As for the first parameter, it is expressed in the presence of products of armrests, shelves,as well as wear-resistant covers. Sofas and armchairs have velor, leather and leather substitute panels. Pricing policy varied. But, you can be sure that even a buyer with small financial resources will find an option that meets his tastes. The color palette is represented by all shades of rainbows. Small metal and plastic inserts highlight the interior;
  • kitchens In some houses and apartments, the kitchen is the centerpiece. All households spend their free time here. So, it will be useful to surround yourself with attractive pieces of furniture. "PinskDrev" produces kitchen classic floor, and in rare styles. For example, modern or Provence. The buyer has the opportunity to make adjustments to any details. These are accessories, worktop, facades and more. Specialists will make the kitchen to order to match the premises of any shape and area. You can decide on the facade through layouts;
  • cabinet furniture. It is focused on the hallway, hall, hall and bedroom. These are sliding wardrobes, dressers, cabinets and more. Available products of standard sizes.If necessary, the customer can order by size.

Office Products

Available Belarusian office furniture, which is already in service with many companies. In its production, experts pay attention not only to strength, but also convenience. After all, at the table, chair or chair, workers have to spend about 8 hours a day. If something distracts them from the workflow, then the result of the activity will leave much to be desired.

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