Decor of old furniture

The old chair, which lost its original fresh look, but retained its softness and comfort, deserves renewal and even long years of service. Like a chest of drawers that has survived several generations, it is worthy of a place in a modern interior, but with some kind of transformation. Furniture decor is not as simple as it may seem, but the result is amazing.

Paint the furniture
In order to return a presentable look to a chair with shabby paint, and other objects of interior that have been influenced by time, it is not necessary to call a whole team of repairmen. You can do on your own and a few helpful tips. Before you give the furniture a new color, sandpaper to get rid of the remnants of the old coating and primed the cracks, polish after drying. Paint to choose the color to your taste, in harmony with the shades of the room, acrylic or special varnish for furniture.It is symbolic to paint the chairs in light green and the table in original pink.
Try the decoupage technique
An increasingly popular technique that appeared in the Middle Ages. Before applying the finished image to treat the surface in the same way as for painting, in addition to degrease the material, it is best to cover with white paint for a noticeable contrast. Choose your favorite pictures from old magazines, cut along the contour, and attach to the surface of the furniture. To fix, you need to apply 3 coats of lacquer, but you can and more. This technique will add the "dying" furniture lacking color. All materials can be found at
wallpaper paste
A very simple way. It is not even necessary to buy wallpaper glue or cook paste, good old PVA is suitable for bonding. After drying, for reliability, cover with acrylic varnish in several layers. You can buy a small piece of very expensive wallpaper,than to turn the decorated furniture into a status one.
Vinyl decor
This is the quickest tool to update interior items or to add a zest to the monotonous dull backs of chairs. Before you stick a vinyl sticker, it is important not to forget to thoroughly clean the surface of dirt and grease. An excellent option will be a decor in the form of rococo curls.
New hardware
Replacement of handles bedside tables are also a quick and creative update method. The accessories in retro style are fashionable and interesting, there is also an opportunity to choose handles in the shape of animals, birds; for the dresser in the bathroom - shells and starfishes.
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