On the topic of the day: new jokes about everyday life in the office, which are too true

There is still half the work week, but the forces are running out. You glance at the calendar, then at the clock and with despair you fall face down on the keyboard. If this situation is familiar to you, then it is urgent to deal with the symptoms of depression in the workplace. How to do it?


Photo source: pixabay.com

The most effective way is to wash with cool water and breathe fresh air. Oxygen will fill the body and clarify the mind.

You also need to recharge your batteries. In this case, glucose will help, which is contained in the sweet. Avoid fatty foods - it will make you sleepy even more. Just eat a chocolate and nut bar, and you will be full of energy.

No soda and even coffee! If you overdo it with caffeine, it will have the opposite effect. Therefore, only green tea, water and juice.

If it is difficult to concentrate on the task, then it is better to change the type of activity for a short while, to communicate with colleagues, to ask good advice, which will further help in the work.Just five minutes of rest will allow to bring thoughts in order, and, perhaps, a fresh idea will appear.

And, of course, encourage humor. That is why we suggest reading a new selection of jokes about everyday life in the office.

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