One good reason why you should not give salt to debt

Think just stupid superstition? In fact, everything is much deeper.

“A friend has been learned, since they have eaten salt together” is a familiar saying. Salt has long been with us that has firmly entered not only in our diet, but also in our very life. But about this saying: “You can’t cook soup on salted salt,” few have heard.

But in fact, there is a sign that it is impossible to borrow salt. It would seem, so what, gave a handful of seasoning neighbor. But even scientists have already proved that salt crystals are capable of absorbing energy, negative and positive. And this is serious.

why you can not give salt in debt
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Giving someone salt, you also give a part of yourself, your energy and vitality. No wonder because salt is used in many rituals and rites. On the salt, you can even read some positive program - and everything will come true.

However, to avoid negative consequences can be quite simple - you need to give salt not in debt, and not as a gift, but for a nominal fee.In addition, you need to give it away from hand to hand, but by putting it on the table and offering to take it - just as if you give someone money in the evening.

Did you know?

With the help of salt, you can clean the energy of the apartment from the negative and put protection from evil eyes.

“Buy a new packet of salt in the store, place it in several small containers and place it in the corners of the rooms,” says the esoteric Igor Akhmedov. - The main thing is that she did not stand in the bedside table or in the closet. Salt can absorb energy about three months, not more. Therefore, update the plates. To quickly get rid of negative energy, take coarse salt, scatter on the carpet and after half an hour vacuum. Be sure to remove the bag of dirt and throw away from the house. You can also wipe the floor in rooms with a saline solution.

What other signs about salt

Sprinkle the salt - to a quarrel.In fact, they tried not to scatter the salt, because it was not always as accessible as it is now. But even this saying was born: "The salt between us." This meant that people were in a quarrel. It was quite easy to neutralize the consequences of salt spilled: draw a cross on it with the little finger of your right hand or throw a pinch over your left shoulder with a laugh (!).

Thursday or black salt.This salt is mixed with the crumb of rye bread soaked in water and roasted to black color. After that, it must be consecrated in the church on Pure Thursday morning. It is believed that it has a powerful energy-cleansing property. And still capable of attracting wealth to the house: there is a special conspiracy for this. It sounds like this: “My house is full of good, the coin in my wallet rings, in my box the bill crunches. I lived in prosperity and I will live forever. May it be so". Then the salt should be poured into a wallet at night. Then you can leave in your wallet, and you can pour it on the threshold from the inside.

You pass the salt - smile.The salt shaker at the table needs to be passed with laughter: it will smooth out the possible negative if the salt gets scattered.

You can not dunk in the salt shaker bread.According to legend, so did Judas at the Last Supper. It was at that moment that Satan entered into him and forced him to betray Jesus.

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