Bow on the greens in the city apartment

How good it is to always have fresh green onions under your hands: if you want to chop greens into a salad, please add some soup to the soup - cut the ready-made feathers. Tasty and healthy green onions can be grown on the windowsill of a city apartment. For this you need to take onions, cut it slightly from the bottom and top, and then placed in a container for germination. The stores sell special trays, but you can use plastic packaging from cakes or convenience foods. They need to pour a little water, put the trimmed bulbs with the lobe down and make sure that the onions are always in the water one third of the height of the bulb. If there is too much water, the bulb may rot. After a week there will be green feathers, so that you have greens all the time, you need to have four such packages, in which you should plant a new batch of onions every week. The number of bulbs planted depends on your appetite and the number of eaters.When the feathers grow, the first time they can simply cut off, and leave the bulb itself, adding water to the container. After a week you will have green feathers again.
Green onions in a city apartment
Onions for greens in a city apartment
 Onions for greens in a city apartment
Green onions in a city apartment
I am glad that you do not need to spend money and the land that there is no dirt and dust, the only concern is not to forget to water your “vegetable garden”. And if you have small children, they will be happy to observe the process and help you, for example, water the “beds”. Success to you! Bon Appetit!

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