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Tell the owners of electronic wallets, in which payment it is better to create an electronic wallet, in order to be calculated in online stores, you do not want to pay from the card for security purposes, decided with my husband that it is safer to put small amounts on electronic and then pay.

a guest11.09.18 09:37

I have a Qiwi wallet, convenient in terms of the fact that you can throw money on it from anywhere and profitable since the commission is not charged.

a guest11.09.18 09:40

Well, no commission is charged directly, but the withdrawal is almost 5% and in the interface you have to update and constantly add stores where you buy, this is generally a fat minus, Yandex means money - it’s simpler and cheaper.

This is for sure, Kiwi is the most unprofitable in all senses, let it be on Vm that makes a fool with identification and it’s always annoying to confirm the codes, but it’s safer and more convenient, and I don’t care about the commission, I still exchange on monitoring, there is a lower rate there and there are plenty to choose from and a selection of exchangers, which the system has checked for reputation and other indicators, and it is not profitable to exchange money in any payment, everywhere there is an exchange at the exchange rate.

I also have Yandex money, I pay for purchases without any problems and almost all terminals can be replenished, I don’t have much to lie in as the system often has hacks

, this is the only minus of Yandex money, if we compare it to a VM, then there is a large commission for everything.

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