Openwork watermelon candle

To work, we need:

  • tin form;
  • 2 paraffin candles;
  • form for candles;
  • red and green wax crayons;
  • ice;
  • thread for wick;
  • dishwashing liquid.

Manufacturing an openwork candle

For Start by smearing the candle mold (in our case, this is a 250 ml plastic cup) with dishwashing liquid. This will prevent paraffin from sticking, and you can easily remove the finished candle. For cans, you can take a can of canned goods. To make it comfortable to hold in your hand, do not completely cut off the lid, but bend the edges. Paraffin will be melted in a water bath, so prepare a small iron container with water to fit the jar where the candle will melt. Fastening the wick to the form where the candle will be poured - drip with hot paraffin on the tip of the thread and fasten at the bottom of the cup. To make the wick in the middle, fix it with a stick, twisting the thread on it.
Openwork watermelon candle
Cut the paraffin candle into pieces and divideinto three parts (two equal and one more - on the pulp of the watermelon).
Openwork watermelon candle
First, make a green crust of watermelon - three green wax crayon on a small grater and put it together with a piece of paraffin in a water bath. Stir until lumps disappear completely. Immediately gently pour into the prepared mold for the candle. Let us freeze.
Open watermelon candle
Next there will be a white layer. To do this, put a piece of white paraffin into a clean form for melting and melt it in a water bath. Pour into the form on the green layer. We are waiting for complete cooling (can be placed in the freezer for half an hour). For the upper part of the candle, you need to rub a red wax crayon on a small grater and melt it along with paraffin until the lumps disappear. While the liquid is melting, we prick the ice into small pieces and fall asleep in the shape of a candle.
Openwork watermelon candle
Openwork watermelon candle
Immediately pour paraffin on top of ice.
Openwork watermelon candle
Keep it for a day - until the ice in the form has melted. Pour the water out of the mold and remove the finished candle.Cut the wick tip to 0.5 cm. That's it - the openwork candle is ready. The truth is like a slice of watermelon - I want to bite off a slice!

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