Orange Crochet Miniskirt

Crochet a mini skirt. Beautiful and lace skirt, which will be a great outfit for summer walks and walks on the beach.

Materials and tools:

  1. 150 grams of yarn (100% cotton, 320m / 75gr);
  2. hook number 1.6.

Pattern Description

Size:36-38 (for domestic size 42-44)

Knitting description

Begin to knit the main element in the technique of ribbon lace according to scheme 1 to the desired length and then close the knitting in the ring. Then we tie the ribbon according to scheme 2. Next, continue knitting according to scheme 3, alternating rows until you reach the desired height. We tie the lower edge according to scheme 2, but we knit 8 episodes. instead of 7. Next, we continue knitting according to pattern 4 to the desired skirt length. Then we tie the lower edge of the border with a border (scheme 5).


We knit a chain of air. the right length and pass to the last row of the top of the skirt.

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