Workshop of the clip "Orchid"

Decoration for hair made of plastic suede.
 Orchid clamp master class
To make such a product you need materials: - 12 cm long duck clamp. - oil pastel. - lighter. - Foamiran of white, green and a little red color 1 mm thick. - scissors. - glue gun. - corrugated paper. - iron - two medium-sized beads. - wire. - household foil. - double-sided scotch. - a floral tape for stems. The composition will be two flowers of orchids, three buds and six leaves. And we start with templates for details. Most detail is like a shamrock, still need round billet on the leg. And for the middle of the flower we draw a detail that looks like an unusual bird. For buds there will be a rectangle with rounding on one side. The shape of the leaves looks like a boat.
 Orchid Clamping Master Class
Toothpick over the prepared material, we outline the required number of times and cut them.The leaves will be green, and all other parts are made of white plastic suede.

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