Origami pyramid - model from the bills do-it-yourself

The small pyramid is a kind of talisman that attracts silence, good luck and financial well-being to the house. And if this pyramid is made of real money, then it will surely be like a magnet to attract bills. You can make a small figure with your own hands using the manigi technique. We present a step-by-step guide to creating a small souvenir. The resulting pyramid will be tetrahedral. To begin with, we will conduct a kind of geometry lesson, let us imagine which figure should turn out, how many sides and corners it will have, how they will be located relative to the central axis. Next geometry lesson is compatible with creativity, useful for the development of motor skills.
Origami pyramid model of a do-it-yourself banknote
The material for making handicrafts with manigami is just one bill.

Pyramid modeling steps

1.Bend a rectangular bill from a horizontal position vertically clearly in the center.
An origami pyramid is a model of a banknote with its own hands
2. Fold the resulting workpiece, which is now approaching a square, once again horizontally clearly in the center.
Pyramid of origami model from a bill by own hands
3. Turn the rectangle vertically, the blind side should be on the left. Insert your finger under the top layer of paper, press to the top. Turn the upper part to the left, highlighting an isosceles triangle.

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