Original ideas for gifts for the New Year 2017

What is the most cozy, warmest, family and atmospheric holiday? Of course, the New Year! Everything: and adults, and children are looking forward to this magical night, when it seems that all dreams come true, when a miracle happens. But sometimes even the most favorite holidays bring us a lot of hassle: we need to prepare meals for the feast, make a good cleaning, decorate the house, dress up the tree, buy gifts ... New Year's gifts! How sometimes it is difficult to prepare a high-quality surprise, which, moreover, will appeal to a person. If you are also puzzled and can not come up with an idea for a gift, then this article is for you.

Flowers. “And what is the original here?” - you ask. And it goes not so much about bouquets, but about flower arrangements. You can buy this gift or even collect it yourself. Result: get a pleasant pastime and creative work, and you can surprise and please a person.

What to give a woman? Gift baskets. An original and beautiful gift that will suit almost everyone. You can fill it with anything: high-quality alcohol, sweets or fruit, a bath set, etc. It all depends on your imagination and preferences.

What to give a girl? New Year's toys. Perhaps not the most original idea, but where are we in the New Year without toys for the Christmas tree! Moreover, you can be a little more unusual than the others and not buy a trivial ball. Try to find an interesting, original toy. You can even do it yourself, then it will be one of a kind.

Technical stuff. Always necessary and useful gift. It can be an e-book for those who like to read, a portable charger, an electronic album for photos. If your financial situation allows, then this is a great idea.

Portrait things. Such a gift is unusual, original and well remembered. We are talking about mugs with photos, T-shirts, calendars, magnets and much more. To which your ideas will suffice!

Photos - puzzles. This idea echoes the previous one. This gift, by the way, is suitable for both children and adults. And then to collect such a puzzle is an extremely interesting activity.

Rubik's cube with a photo. A simple but very original idea. You take six photos (on each side of the cube), cut them into squares and stick them. With such an unusual thing you can not only surprise, but also please.

Things with the symbolism of the coming year. Where do without it? These can be toys, pillows, bed linen, towels, dishes and much more. Try to invent something here and yours.

Memorable things. Very warm, cozy and nice idea. You can make some kind of wall newspaper with photos, some kind of tickets, letters, etc., or videos with your favorite music. In any case, to receive such a gift is very nice.

Candles. Suffice badly beaten, but not become worse from this idea. After all, candles will fill the house with comfort, perfectly complement the interior, and if it is aromatic, it will create a pleasant atmosphere and smell. Also you can make it yourself and decorate it specially for a person.

A gift in the form of impressions.Material things, they come to life and go away, but the memories always remain. Therefore, going to a concert, an interesting workshop, a lecture, etc. is a great option. People will spend time fun, interesting and useful.

Giving gifts is a wonderful activity, and inventing and buying them is interesting and creative. May the coming New Year not be overshadowed by such domestic problems, and everyone will believe in a miracle. Happy New Year!

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