Original postcard "Matryoshka"

Postcard "Matryoshka"- using the printed drawing of a matryoshka doll, you can make original postcards for any holiday with your own hands. And in order that they are not flat and ordinary, some elements are better attached to the bulk tape.

Materials and tools:

  1. Scrapbooking paper "Romance";
  2. decorative elements;
  3. glue, ruler, stationery knife;
  4. Double-sided adhesive tape
  5. bulk adhesive tape
  6. matrioshka printed on the printer;
  7. pencil.

Step 1

We take thick paper and make from it a blank for a postcard, folding it in half. You can use ready-made stock for postcards. From the set of paper for scrapbooking "Romance" take out a suitable sheet with a pattern of peony. On the back of the sheet, we glue a double-sided adhesive tape. Remove the protective film and glue the sheet to the front of the postcard.The sheet stands for the borders of the postcard - we cut off the excess with a stationery knife.

Step 2

Take the matryoshka printed on the printer and cut it into pieces (according to the pattern of her dress). We have turned out blanks. We put such a blank on a yellow sheet with flowers and stripes from the set. Outline with a simple pencil and cut out.

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