Original photo frame

Beautiful frame of unusual shape - the original interior decoration. It will look good on the mantelpiece in the living room or serve as a small pleasant souvenir for family and friends. The manufacturing process does not take much time, for this you will need beads and the following materials at hand: A piece of aluminum wire (40 cm); Multi-colored beads (100 g); Fishing line or wire for beads (200 cm); 2 caps from under the shampoo (gel, cream); Cardboard, blue yarn, “gypsy” needle; Picture to choose; Gouache of blue, varnish.
Original photo frame
First you need to take an aluminum wire and bend it in half; the ends should be slightly apart, as if forming a triangle:
 Original photo frame
At one end of the wire, having previously stepped back 4-5 cm,we fix a thin line or wire for beads (it is preferable to use wire, then the product holds its shape better). We begin to string the beads on it, winding the thread tightly around the aluminum wire in parallel, preventing openings.
 Original frame for photos
We continue to string the beads; after the end of 4-5 cm, fasten the thread. We take the caps from the shampoo, fill it with an alabaster mixture, insert the product into the ends (about 4-5 cm). This should be done quickly, until the alabaster is not hardened, placing the frame as evenly as possible. After the product is completely dry, paint the covers-supports in gouache (you can cover them with sparkles). We cover the whole frame with varnish, let it dry.
 Original photo frame
Cut a circle from the cardboard (hollow inside), tightly wrap it with blue wool thread.
Original photo frame
Inside the circle, place your favorite photo.We fix the frame with a photo exactly in the middle of the dried construction with a small piece of wool thread. At will, you can insert a beautiful picture inside the frame and decorate the frame with a small tassel of yarn.
 Original photo frame

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