Original solutions for a small hallway

Often, many perceive the hallway, not as a place for the manifestation of creativity and creative ideas. And yet, the entrance hall is the first thing guests will see when entering the house, so this part of the house also deserves your attention. Today we want to offer you original solutions, how to decorate and decorate your small hallway.

Stylish hangers

Remember that the main principle in arranging a small hallway is minimalism and less clutter. However, in any hallway there are hangers for outerwear, so why not make them stylish?

You can also hang special Blomp wall hangers in which you can store various small items, like keys or perfumes.

And here is another interesting solution in the Scandinavian style - hangers, combined with shelves for outerwear and shoes.

If you are a fan of eco-style, then you will like a hanger in the form of a tree, which will perfectly decorate the hall and will not take up much space.

If you have children, it is better to fix the hangers a little lower.

Shelves for storing shoes

For shoes, it is best to use closed shelves, so you will save space and create a cozy atmosphere in the hallway.


The umbrellas do not occupy much space in the hallway, but they solve the problem of storing umbrellas.


Mini hallways include several pieces of furniture at once, for example, a mirror, a wardrobe, hangers, a chest of drawers and much more.


Mirrors not only visually expand the space of the room, but also increase the lighting in the room. However, the choice of mirrors in the hallway should be approached practical. The more functions the mirror performs, the better.

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