Cereal jar decoration

Decoration jars for cereals Want to decorate jars for bulk products or cereals - it does not take much time. You can use any container: glass or metal, the main thing is that they are conveniently opened. I have a huge number of cans.

3D card with flowers

3D card with flowers An ordinary postcard does not surprise anyone. Therefore, I had the idea to make a 3 D card with flowers. Make it easy, and it looks unusual and interesting. This postcard will be remembered for a long time. To make.

Sea Glass Pendant

Sea glass pendant A pendant made of sea glass is a master class, we make with our own hands a small pendant from what was found, brought from a trip, or bought sea glass, to remind you of a pleasant rest and make you.

12 V Auto Charger

12 V automatic charger This is a very simple scheme of the console to your existing charger. Which will control the voltage of the battery charge and when it reaches the set level, disconnect it from the charger, thereby preventing the battery from overcharging.

Wedding bills-casket

Wedding bridal box Finally, we were visited by the summer of 2017 and brought it along with the wedding season. After all, basically all couples try to play their wedding in the summer, when it's sunny, warm, everything blooms and smells, when everything is.


Stroller Envelope The truth is said that all ingenious is simple. So with the implementation of this master class. As a result, you get a little masterpiece - a stroller card. That in itself is already a gift, besides toys, pinets, raspashonok. Since the.

A bow tie in a hurry

A bow tie in a hurry. Hello! I had the need, as a member of the parent committee, URGENTLY, in 1 day, to make 15 bow ties for boys to speak at a school event. Requirement: And bows must be ... which may be.

Delicate Beef Kebab

Delicate Beef Kebab There are a lot of recipes for marinade for kebabs and portions of meat, baked on the grill. Soaking meat in fermented milk products, tomato juice, kiwi pulp and citrus fruits, soy sauce, mustard, mayonnaise with the addition of vegetable oil.

How to putty walls

How to put walls right Alignment of walls, ceilings, any other surfaces of the premises is done by filling. This simple, but requiring practical skills, the work is carried out in several stages. From tools it is necessary to have a trowel, a rule.

Pyramid Gift Box

Pyramid Gift Box Materials and tools: colored paper (cardboard); a piece of yarn, rope, ribbon pencil, ruler; scissors, hole punch. Step 1 We will print the template and cut it out - either immediately print it on the required paper, or make a template.

Homemade Barometer

Homemade Barometer I can't always buy a barometer, so I want suggest a home barometer design that will show atmospheric pressure with some precision. Thebarometer(seepicture)consistsofabottlewithclearglass,aglasstubeanda... 2 METHOD: The simplest barometer with your own hands This barometer can be made from a small tin can.

Newspaper Stroller

Newspaper stroller Suppose you are invited to an event: a wedding or bride of a newborn. An original gift is half your congratulations. Do not go shopping in search of exclusives. A surprise, made by you personally, will always stand out against the background.

Bulk Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake Surround I bring to your attention the originalbulk Cake card for happy birthday congratulations, the disclosure of which turns out to be a three-tiered cake. Materials and tools: template (the archive contains two templates with vertical and wavy lines); white and red.

Bag of old jeans

Bag of old jeans Do not dry out the flow of ideas from creative people. They always want to create something new, unusual, original. It is very interesting to sew different things from old, out of fashion or torn jeans. Especially successfully obtained bags.

Pine bump

The bump bat The cone bat is a very relevant Halloween hack. It will make the holiday more interesting and fun, because it will help to create the right atmosphere in the house and in the garden. The basis of the craft is the.

DIY ribbon bows

Do-it-yourself ribbon bows To decorate the hairstyle of long hair, you can make bows of ribbons with your own hands. For the manufacture of beautiful bows will require satin ribbons, a needle and thread, hair bands and bright large beads. Tapes with a width.

Aquarium in a Vase

Aquarium in a Vase Everyone knows that an aquarium is an excellent decoration for an apartment. But not everyone knows that you can turn an ordinary flower vase into an aquarium. The aquarium in a vase has three undeniable advantages. Firstly, it does not.

Gift Box for Disc

Gift Box for Disc This master class will be devoted to creating an envelope for the disc with your own hands. I want to warn you immediately - be patient. The envelope is trimmed with a fabric, and working with it is very painstaking!

LED daylight lamp

Fluorescent LED Daylight I decided to keep up with the times, and to save my money in the future, I decided to make some useful innovation. Or rather, to convert lamps with fluorescent lamps into lamps with LED lamps. The service life is high.

Original Tea Pair

Original tea pair Increasingly, as a gift, we are trying to choose the author's thing. We propose to do it with our own hands. For creativity you need a single-colored tea pair from glazed clay, as well as special paints for painting ceramics. The.

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