Gloxinia Crochet

Gloxinia crochet Houseplants have a special place in every home. They help to be closer to nature and are the second breath of any room. But what if your favorite flowers simply refuse to grow in your living conditions or require unrealistically difficult care?

Decoupage plates

Decoupage plates In this master class I will tell you how to turn a simple plate into a decorative piece of furniture using decoupage technique and spot painting technique. For work, we will need: 1 . Glass plate. 2. The napkin is dense, 3-layer.

DIY Origami Tank

DIY Origami Tank A thematic souvenir to the Defender of the Fatherland Day can be done in a variety of techniques - for example, in the technique of origami. It looks interesting and just enough is done in this way tank. A large origami.

Christmas balls

Christmas balls Agree, though Soviet toys are of high quality, they are absolutely boring. Yes, they are bright and colorful, but uninteresting! The time has come to breathe new life into these balls. Today you will learn how to quickly and beautifully transform monochrome.

Rustic Wipes

Rustic Wipes To make a textile napkin in a rustic style, the following materials and tools will be needed: 1. fabric for table linen or curtain fabric, 2. thread in the color of the fabric, 3. tape in a cage, harmonizing in color with.

Old vinyl watch

Old vinyl record clock In this article, you will learn how to make aWall clock from an old vinyl record. For manufacturing will require a minimum of costs. This is also a great option for beginners to test their strengths. Materials and tools: old.

PVC pipe stand

PVC pipe stand I decided to make a stand for screwdrivers and pliers. It should be fixed to the table, since in the near future it is planned to move the workplace. I also wanted to be able to change its size depending on.

New Year Card

New Year Card At the time of the New Year holidays, training on making a greeting card will be relevant. I will show you a simple postcard version that does not require much time and money. You can make this card with your child.

Office Cache

Office cache On the table among the papers, binders and other stationery is a folder-folder does not attract attention. No one even thinks that there is not a paper document, but a small set. Agree: joy or sadness I do not choose the time.

Wedding Glass

Wedding Glass Wedding is the most special day in everyone's life. Wedding ceremony is always decorated with various accessories, one of the notable places on the table newlyweds occupy the wedding glasses, so they are given special attention. Currently, more emphasis is being placed.

Making Corals

Making corals Anyone who has ever seen corals in the sunlit lagoon of the tropical sea or in the ultramarine depth of Sharm el-Sheikh will always retain the first impression - this is a real underwater paradise. Not all corals are equally attractive: there.

Monkey Socks

Monkey Socks In any family there is a bag or box where the mittens and socks that have lost their pair are kept. This fun hand-made article allows not only to sew a new favorite soft toy with your child, but also to unload.

Fried Cheese

Fried Cheese This is literally the best recipe in the world, I think! If you like cheese, you will love these amazing cheese sticks. Made from just two ingredients in 20 minutes. I sincerely recommend that you prepare these chopsticks for this recipe, and.


Machining of metal structures Any metal product requires systematic care to avoid corrosion and increase its service life. And, of course, for some structures (for example, gratings, fences or decorative elements), aesthetics of their appearance is of considerable importance. Maintaining it with standard processing.

Jewelry box

Jewelry box I think every girl faced the problem of storing their jewelry. Every time when you are going to work or for a walk, you select jewelry for yourself. And then a problem arises: the necessary earrings and rings are almost impossible to.


Egg-pendant Easteris not only a holiday, in which it is customary to gather at the family table, but also one more reason to give your family and friends an original gift. And what can be more pleasant than receiving gifts made with your own.


Herringbone The outgoing 2016 brought us many different events. Each person had both joyful and sad moments, but all the same, they were both sad and bright, because any event is a change and a new stage of the next, new life. Well, as.

Pillow Cat

Pillow Cat Sometimes you want to buy something in your house so that it is not just beautiful and cozy, but also convenient and functional. And if the hands can do needlework, then you can make a lot of beautiful and pleasant things to.

Floor vase

Floor vase Today, only lazy is not engaged in improving the design of their homes. Fashion trends can satisfy the most sophisticated tastes of demanding consumers. At the same time at all times, there was a demand for the decoration of the interior with.

Clay Horse

A clay horse Recently, many people subordinate their lives to the Chinese calendar. And the year of the horse comes on January 31. The blue horse is a talisman and should bring good luck for a year. Especially if it is made by hand.

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