Gel Candle

Gel Candle If you have long dreamed of making a gel candle yourself and being a master of all trades, then after reading this article, you can easily master such a simple matter! So, what is necessary to have on hand necessarily, and without.


Sweetheart Good afternoon. Anything can be done from the material at hand. Especially plastic. You can make a beautiful and original candy bowl with ordinary hands from ordinary bottles, which will be useful on the farm. For production we will need: - One bottle.


Bag-mouse Please your baby with a cute little thing, and a master class will help you with this! This is not only a toy, but also a handbag (or purse, as you wish) for various trifles. Here you can wear a handkerchief, or candy.

Soft frame

Soft frame Reading master classes, one has to face such a problem as the lack of the necessary material. But after all, handicraft means creativity, so make your crafts from what is on hand, replacing expensive materials. In this master class, I will tell.


Scythehorn November comes, and after him, December 2014, which means that people are gradually turning to the theme of the New Year and are making plans to meet him. Every year we spend a lot of money on gifts and souvenirs for friends, colleagues.

Lava Lamp

Lava lamp The lava lamp attracts the eye and makes both adults and children look intently at the little miracle in the bottle. You can make a small lava lamp at home, and most ordinary products will be used. The basic ingredients of such.


Baking Workshops: Plain Dough Apple Puffs Recently, the frantic pace of life makes many housewives increasingly pay attention to simple to prepare and simple recipes. After all, I want to be in time for everything - and to relax from work, and to pamper.


Pendulum Electric swing is a good gift for a child, and with a good build you can develop an idea up to, for example, an office souvenir. The basis of the toy is a simple overhanging scheme (although of course it’s better to do.


Fabric Let's get acquainted closer with the fabrics Various modern and traditional materials are indispensable in the life of every person. Historically, without some of them, a person cannot do in his own way of life, these materials have become essential for everyday use.


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pigtails What can be unusual in sausages in dough? And at least how this sausage is wrapped in the dough. The simplest technology is to simply put a sausage on a rolled layer of dough and wrap it in a tube, and if you.

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