Elegant Gift Box

Elegant gift box A simple and at the same time very presentable way of packing small gifts is making a gift box with your own hands. Often we don’t know how to present a small gift, a neckerchief, a jar of cream or a.

Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreath Soon the New Year will come to your doorstep, which means you should get ready for it. It is necessary to prepare, both for refined dishes on your table, and for decoration in the apartment. In addition, it is necessary to prepare.

Korean Tomatoes

Korean Tomatoes Korean Tomatoesis a recipe. Ingredients: 2 kg tomato cut large (in half); 4 pieces of bell peppers; 2 heads of garlic; 2 pieces of red hot pepper; greens. Refueling: 100 gr of vinegar 100 grams of grow. oils; 100 gr. sugar; 2.

Beaded Necklace

Bead Necklace Each girl is a creature who can tirelessly touch her wardrobe, and eventually put on old jeans and a vest. Yes, that's all we are. We carefully choose any of our clothes, we spend hours at the mirror. When we are finally.

Candy Bird Milk

Candy Bird's milk Candy Bird's Milkis a recipe. Ingredients: 1/2 cup milk butter 100 g (room temperature) eggs 5 pieces; sugar 1 cup; vanilla extract; gelatin 20 gr. for glaze: dark chocolate 300g; honey 6 tsp Cooking Separate the whites from the yolks. Pound.

LUT Technology

LUT technology Recently, radio amateurs have all often and often used this technology to create boards of amateur radio designs. This technology is distinguished by its simplicity and reliability. First, prepare a template for the future board. The board, which is created using special.

Warm slippers

Warm slippers To sew homemade and very warm slippers we need fabric: - Blue velsoft; - White fleece. We also need white and blue threads, synthetic winterizer, patterns downloaded from the Internet and white satin ribbon. 1. Downloaded patterns are measured and customized to.

Designer Case

Designer Case Probably, every mother has a daily problem, where to store children's pencils designer. After all, the packaging of them are so often lost that you do not have time to follow them. I offer you one option - a handbag from a.

Fleece Snail

Fleece Snail I offer you the original fleece toy "Snail". Even a child can sew it, and in an extremely short time. All you need for creativity is a piece of fleece (or thin felt) of arbitrary color, matching threads, a handmade needle and.

Birch Crafts

Crafts Birch How to make a birch with your own hands? Often such handicrafts are made in the walls of the kindergarten. But you can easily create a real masterpiece in your own home. A pretty interesting hack is spring birch with blooming leaves.

Memory Trail

Memory Trail Children are the flowers of life !!! And how nice to keep their tiny handles and legs in their hands. And so you want to leave these tiny "paws" in your memory forever. Now in the store a huge selection of sets.

How to pick off stepchildren from pepper

How to pick off stepchildren from pepper You will need - scissors. Instruction You can remove stepchildren only with sufficiently strong plants with a height of 25-30 centimeters. Before staving, during the active growth of seedlings and the beginning of flowering, it is necessary.

DIY hair tie

DIY hair tie Now you can buy any hair jewelry in the store, but you can make some of them yourself. For example, the usual gum for hair. To make a hair tie at home is easy and costs will be minimal. I want.

DIY Handmade Rose

A rose made of corrugated paper with your own hands Artificial flowers are much more practical than real ones. They keep longer the memory of the event in honor of which they were presented, and longer fill the space around them with beauty. In.

Wooden stool

Wooden stool Every home should have stools. It is comfortable, multifunctional and at the same time amazingly simple furniture. The most interesting thing is that making a stool with your own hands is not difficult. Of course, you will need certain skills, desire, imagination.


Leatherette Pictures of genuine or artificial leather - a great way to decorate the interior. They, made by hand, are an original gift for mother, for example, for the holiday of March 8. To create a still life “Bouquet. Callas ”will need: thick cardboard.

Drawer box

Drawer box Beautiful and convenient boxes for storing various trinkets are always needed in the house. For example, I like to knit, but during the years I was engaged in this hobby, I gathered a lot of yarn remnants, which, on the one hand.

Which is better - LCD or LED

Which is better - LCD or LED? Anton Kravchenko December 4, 2012 Modern technologies are developing so quickly that the user is sometimes unable to keep up with the latest technology. Not so long ago, televisions and monitors with a telescopic system began to.


Kebab You will need - 700 g minced lamb - 100 grams of fat tail - 200 g onions - 2 cloves of garlic - dried spices and spices (coriander, basil, pepper, salt) - cilantro green - vegetable oil Instruction Prepare the stuffing, for.

Toy Car Garage

Toy Car Garage When your child is a naughty little boy who constantly needs cars, no matter how many of them are in the house, it's time to think about such a necessary thing as a garage. Usually, small “models” tend to get lost.

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