Simple arbor for 1 day

Simple arbor for 1 day Gazebo is just an extremely necessary thing in the country to eat a snack, drink tea, and just hide from the rain. As most people think: building a gazebo is a very long and time-consuming process. Of course, there.

Sky dishes

If the Japanese do something and position it as exclusive, it really is unique. Yamateru kitchen utensils belong to this category - excellent quality, unique design, the latest technology. The company for its production organized more than 40 years ago, the Japanese master Narahiko.

Cranberry-Orange Sauce

Cranberry-Orange Sauce Cranberry-Orange Sauceis a recipe. Ingredients: 1 cup of sugar (200 gr); 200 ml of water; 1/4 tsp. salt; 350 grams of fresh cranberries; 2 orange peel. Cooking In a medium-sized sausage pour a glass of sugar, a peel of oranges and pour.

How to cook meatballs

How to cook meatballs You will need Pasta with meatballs in pink sauce: 300 g tagliattels; 400 g ground beef; A glass of tomato juice; 3/4 cup of cream; 1 small onion; 1 egg; 3 cloves of garlic; fresh basil; dried herbs (parsley basil.

Spinach pancakes with red caviar and watercress

Spinach pancakes with red caviar and watercress Photo: Elena Moskalenko Ingredients Wheat flour (top grade)1 stackSpinach150 gramsBaking powder1 tspMilk1 stackCream150 milliliterschicken egg2 pieces)Unsalted butter60 grams1 tspSugar1 tbsp.Olive oil50 milliliters For filing Red caviarWatercress Bright, delicious and useful. These pancakes will decorate any even festive.

Why can not honey

Why can not honey? Evgeny Fogov April 17, 2015 Honey in many nations has long been considered the main delicacy. This product is known for its beneficial properties, it is appreciated by many pastry chefs, moreover, honey is perceived as an extremely valuable and.

Find 10 differences: Buzova became an exact copy of Kostenko

Find 10 differences: Buzova became an exact copy of Kostenko Fans are wondering why Olga changed her hair. What does a woman do when she finds out about her husband's treason? After crying into the river of tears, she goes to the gym, to.

What products cause premature graying hair

What products cause premature graying hair Instruction Sugar or sugar products, such as soft drinks and fast food, can cause premature graying of hair. Sugar deprives the body of vitamin E, which is the most important vitamin for hair growth. It also interferes with.

Diet with goji berries

Diet with goji berries For centuries, goji berries, or pomona or oriental barberry, are more famous for their own Motherland, embracing the whole east, and some other areas. Why is this sea buckthorn so famous? The craft is that there are so many allegations.

Wire and Bead Pendants

Wire and Bead Pendants 10 wire and bead pendants- a master class on weaving wire and bead pendants. In each "step" is an instruction on the nailing of a new pendant. Pendants are simple and using this technique you can create your own pendant.

Card Vase with flowers

Vase with flowers card Is Mom's Birthday Soon or is International Women's Day coming? It is necessary to prepare in advance for a momentous event, it is more accurate to think about a gift for your beloved women. Of course, fresh flowers are always.

Dachshund Sleeping Toy

Dachshund sleep toy What could be nicer than doing something with your own hands for your own child? Especially when a homemade thing brings joy to a child. This article will explain how to sew a cute toy for sleeping. You will need.

How to cut a butterfly

How to cut a butterfly Instruction Take a sheet of square paper. Fold it in half on the horizontal axis, lifting the bottom half up. Then bend the rectangle along the vertical axis, placing the left half on the right. From the bottom left.

What payments are laid single mother in 2018

What payments are laid single mother in 2018 Instruction It is necessary to take into account that the status of a single mother is not assigned to all women who are independently raising a child. Only in cases where the father of the child.

Gloxinia - reproduction

Gloxinia - reproduction Seed propagation Exquisitely beautiful flowers Gloxinia will not leave anyone indifferent. The homeland of this beauty is the tropical forests of Peru and Brazil. It propagates by seeds, leaf cuttings, tubers. Gloxinia seeds germinate in the light, so they are sown.

How to charge a column

How to charge a column? ������������������������������������ ����������������������������������������Svetlana ������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������August 31, 2014 19235 The advantage of portable speakers is that they can work without connecting to the mains due to the built-in battery - you only need to charge them on time. How to charge.

Tip 2: Mushrooms with chilli, ginger and soba noodles

You will need - 2 thinly sliced duck breast fillets - 2 tsp. sesame oil - 1 tsp. finely grated ginger root - 1 tsp. crushed garlic - 1 tbsp. l rice wine - 1 tbsp. l hoisin sauce - 1 tbsp. l oyster.

Self-made 3 W LED lamp

Self-made 3 W LED lamp Energy saving fluorescent lamps are not as durable and gradually fail. Their time is slowly coming to an end and they are being replaced by LED lamps. Led lamps consume significantly less energy, are more durable and not whimsical.

Crochet openwork mitts

Crocheted lace mitts Manufacturing Technology: These openwork fingerless gloves, or mitts, are back in fashion! Seasoned needlewomen can knit this elegant accessory in one evening, beginners can cope in two, because the complexity of the product is low. Our model is crocheted with No.

What is the mains voltage

What is the mains voltage? Victoria Dmitrieva December 27, 2012 The state’s stable energy system not only speaks of the power of its potential, but also helps to be a durable household equipment of an ordinary citizen. The flashing incandescent lamp is alarming for.

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