Hair dye

Nowadays, on the shelves of stores you can see a large number of different hair coloring products: ordinary hair dyes, non-ammonia dyes, various tint means of temporary action. All of them differ not only by the manufacturer, but also by their properties, efficiency, and, of course, rich color gamut. Yes, experts are doing everything possible to help women always stay beautiful and will ease our hair care process. However, in such a situation, we face a lot of questions: what kind of means to choose? How to choose the right hair coloring product? What hair color to choose and use better? In these and other issues, we now try to understand.


While buying a new paint for dyeing hair at home, first of all pay attention to the color, as it is necessary to choose a shade that would ideally match a certain type of appearance. As is known, depending on the color of the skin, eyes and hair structure, there is a conditional division of all types of appearance into winter, spring, summer and autumn types.Women who have warm skin tones and bright eyes, well suited paint wheat, gold or red color. Owners of cold skin tones and dark eyes "to the face" will be rich, bright colors.

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If you are not sure whether the chosen color will suit you or not, you can first use a tint, balm, shampoo or tonic of the same shade and check. Means for temporary dyeing of hair are sparing (therefore they will not cause much harm) and give only short-term effect (approximately 2 weeks). However, this method of changing hair color is not suitable for everyone, it simply will have no effect on natural dark hair.

Of course, when choosing a dye, first of all, attention is paid to the image of the model on the package, namely the color that the girl’s hair has. But it should be borne in mind and always remember that in order to obtain such an ideal, even hair color, certain conditions are necessary which cannot always be fulfilled.Good, noteworthy manufacturers, usually on the back of the package provide a palette of shades by which you can determine exactly what color you get, depending on the original (existing) color.

In any case, how often you don’t want to change, remember that changing hair color too often is not recommended, because dyeing hair harms them and takes some time to restore them. Therefore, we must also take care of the health of the hair, to protect them as much as possible from the harmful effects of external factors. Then you can enjoy not only the new, bright color, but also the brilliance and beauty of the hair.

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