Painting kitchen fronts

The French Provence style has easily taken root in our homes and has remained at the peak of popularity for many years now. One of its distinctive features is a calm, natural color scheme. These are light shades of sandy, cool green and blue colors, terracotta tones, natural wood. The finished look will be given to such an interior by vintage and antique accessories, as well as color accents, in particular, the painting of furniture fronts. Where to start? Do-it-yourself painting on the kitchen fronts is not that difficult. It is enough to have minimal drawing skills. The stages of the painting can be found on the example of this kitchen here.
 on the example of this kitchen
First of all, you need to decide on the plot pattern and its color range. For murals in the Provence style, tender small bouquets of field plants and herbs are characteristic. And one of the most popular stories is a composition of lavender sprigs. This motive was used to paint the facades of this kitchen.To determine the color gamut, a piece of paper with the help of colored pencils becomes a dye. It gives a visual idea of ​​how the chosen colors are in harmony with each other.
 colors are in harmony with each other
The next stage is creation sketch. When arranging the bouquet, it is necessary to take into account both the proportions of the kitchen facades and the dimensions of the room itself. In small kitchens the most graceful compositions, consisting of several stems of flowers and field grasses, will most harmoniously look. If the kitchen fronts are of different widths, then for larger doors, the main bouquet should be increased by adding a few more flowers to it.
 several flowers
The choice of materials. Most artists prefer to use acrylic paints for furniture painting. They well fall on the base, quickly dry, do not burn out in the sun. The disadvantage of this material is not too high resistance to mechanical damage. Therefore, the finished painting will have to cover the protective varnish. Drawing with oil paints does not have to be varnished.It is possible to speed up work with oil paints using a thinner with a desiccant (a special substance that reduces the drying time of the paint). Regardless of the type of paint chosen, you will need: • a simple pencil (hardness B) for applying the outline of the pattern on the facade • several soft brushes of different thickness • palette for mixing paints • oiler for thinner
 acrylic paints
Layout and layout. In order to more clearly present the layout of the images on the facades, you need to draw the contours of the bouquets (in natural size) on the pieces of tracing paper and attach them to the doors using masking tape or double-sided tape with low adhesion.
Layout and Markup
 Layout and Marking
After the locations of the bouquets have been determined, the tracing is removed and started to markup drawing. If the performer does not have the skills to paint the facades, then the images should be marked out overall: in the places where the bouquets are placed (using a tape measure and a pencil), draw rectangles according to the largestdimensions (height and width) of the figure. Then the outline of the future painting fits into the rectangle. No need to strive to withstand the size of each twig or flower to the millimeter. Easy “carelessness” of the picture will show that it is made exactly by hand. Drawing a picture. First, under the contour of the picture is applied under the image - the main colors that will erase the outlines of the image.
 Drawing a picture
After drying, the underlaying is detailed in the pattern - the additional colors and tones that the desired painting will add color and volume. Acrylic paints dry very quickly. Subsequent layers can be applied a couple of hours after the execution of underpainting. The oil will dry slightly longer. On a normal diluent - up to 2 days, on a diluent with a desiccant - about 12 hours. For varnishing the painting it is better to use a spray matt varnish.
Application picture
 Painting of kitchen facades in Provence style
 Painted kitchen facades in the style of Provence

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