"Lady with a bouquet" from dried flowers

The use of natural materials in handicrafts and fine arts is gaining popularity every year. Pressed floristry (mistaken) is an ancient Japanese technique of creating paintings from dried flowers. Using various dried plants, decorators create unique paintings and scenes, and the whole process takes place without the use of any paint. In order to create an image of dried flowers, no special tools are required. In fact, all working raw materials can be collected in the field, a nearby park, forest, or grown on a windowsill. Turning on the fantasy, materials can be found anywhere: having dried the peel of a banana or eggplant, opened tea bags with hibiscus or other tea, and also dried the tangerine peel, cucumber or removed it from the onion. Leaves, flowers, down, peel and other materials are dried in various ways, including standard drying with a press, vacuum drying and drying with irons.Usually after treatment, plants lose their natural color and turn pale or darken into several shades. Such materials as a banana become dark brown after drying, so before starting work it is necessary to roughly imagine what result the author wants to achieve, and then pick the plants of the desired color range. After the selection of materials, dried plants are attached to the fabric or paper canvas, forming a unique composition. As an illustrative example, we recommend to follow the process of creating the painting “Lady with a Bouquet” performed using the technique is mistaken. 1. Getting started, in addition to dry materials, you need to prepare the following tools: • Colorless glue (can be PVA); • Small scissors; • Tweezers; • • A sharp object; • • Glue- gun (for gluing large plants); • White cardboard (color if necessary)
 need to prepare
2. The following materials are needed to create the picture: • Dried rose petals or bluebells; • Petals of violets; • Any yellow leaves; • Dry banana peel; • Dry corn stigmas (in other words - hair from corn); • Other materials for decoration that will be at hand.
the following materials are needed
3. Before starting work, you should make a small sketch of the future picture on paper;
 a sketch of a future picture on paper
4. Apply a few rose petals to the finished sketch. We put the leaves together so that the result is a skirt that repeats the silhouette, even slightly;
 apply several rose petals
5. Apply the entire length of the skirt glue and paste the petals with tweezers;  for the entire length of the skirt glue
6. Go to the sleeves. Cut them from the petals of a lighter shade and glue in the same way. You can draw the sleeves on the petals beforehand and then cut them. The result should be like this.
 Go to the sleeves
7. We make out a decollete zone.From the peel of the banana we cut out the necessary bust shape and paste it on the picture; 1240-oformlyaem-zonu-dekolte.jpg "alt =" We decorate the cleavage zone "title =" We decorate the cleavage zone "> 8. Next, we decorate the dress by pasting the missing part, as shown in the photo;
 decorating the dress
9. Cut the hands out of the yellow sheet and paste them to the lady;
 carve hands
10. We make a face from small flower particles and apply a drop of glue to the head area with a pistol. We fix a bundle of corn hair, holding it with a sharp object for some time so that the hair is well glued. Immediately decorate with dry violet;
 make out a person
11. Glue 2 violets in the bouquet area (you can use other flowers);
 violets in the bouquet area
12. Decorate the corners of the picture with various dried flowers. We remove the remains from the pencil.
 Decorating the corners of the picture
Painting from dried flowers is ready! It can be presented as a gift to relatives and friends or left at home and enjoy the creation of their hands.

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