Picture "PoemsonCanvas"

Painting "Poems on Canvas"do-it-yourself is a beautiful and unusual way to leave the lines of your favorite authors to the memory.

Materials and tools:

  1. primed canvas on a stretcher 25x35 cm;
  2. A5 paper;
  3. pencil;
  4. ink liner (capillary pen);
  5. brushes of different sizes (synthetic round).

Step 1

Put a sheet of paper on the canvas, circle it with a pencil three times, each time shifting the sheet slightly to the side. We draw one edge curved.

Step 2

Outlines the resulting contours with a thin ruler using a brush and acrylic paints.

Step 3

Now we paint over the background of the canvas with a solid dark brown color, without affecting the outlined sheets. Draw a shadow at the bottom of a curved corner. Tint dark gray edges of the blank sheets.

Step 4

Then we outline the resulting contours of an uneven, slightly torn line to obtain the effect of aged paper. Use for this a thin round synthetic brush and dark paint.

Step 5

Then draw in the corner of the magnolia leaf. First, we outline the main form of the petals with a gray-pink color. Next, draw the stem and leaves, add volume to the petals with the help of natural highlights and blackouts. We are waiting until dry.

Step 6

Using a thin brush and acrylic paints of light colors, we adorn the whole surface of the canvas with barely noticeable inscriptions and drawings.

Step 7

Now the same inscriptions, but with a clearer drawing decorate the bottom sheets of paper. We make them dark paint.

Step 8

Rubbing everything dry with a brush and a light paint to give them an even more aged, slightly shabby appearance. We let the paint dry.

Step 9

Now proceed to the main part of the decor - we write pre-selected labels. These can be poems, small fragments of favorite classic works, or warm wishes to a loved one for the upcoming holiday. We apply inscriptions using a liner (capillary pen) in black. Leave the canvas for an hour until completely dry.

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