Pancake Bags with Chicken

Pancake Bags of Chickenis a recipe.


  1. three glasses of milk
  2. two glasses of flour;
  3. 2 eggs; cream;
  4. 50 grams of butter;
  5. chicken fillet 500 gr;
  6. bulb;
  7. sugar, salt;
  8. rast. oil;
  9. pigtail cheese or green onions with feathers.


Dissolve eggs in milk. Add melted butter, add flour slowly, stirring. Add sugar and salt (one teaspoon). Fry pancakes in a hot pan.

Fry the onions, add the finely chopped chicken, salt and fry a little. Pour the cream over the chicken (to cover it a little), stew. Put chicken in the middle of each pancake. Collect bags and tie with cheese string or onion feathers.

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