Paper Christmas Ornament - Christmas Lantern

We make from simple strips of paper and at the same time very beautiful Christmas ornament -New Year's flashlight.

Materials and tools:

  1. colored paper or scrapbooking paper;
  2. paper cutter;
  3. wire;
  4. Scotch;
  5. bead;
  6. needle, thread or sword.

Step 1

Cut out paper 16 strips of size 14x1.5 cm and 2 circles. For cutting, you can use paper of one or several colors.

Step 2

Bite off a 10 cm long piece of wire and turn one end into a ring.  

We string all 16 strips from one end, then one kurg. We make a small roll of paper and put it on the wire (the length of the roll depends on the desired height of the lamp). From above we string the second circle and the second end of the strips.

Also, as an ornament, we put a bead on the wire and set the end of the wire in a ring.

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