Paper fire with our own hands

Can you make a fun fire out of paper with your own hands? Even the youngest children feel a great interest in the elements of nature. They are happy and happy to watch the flow of wind, the flow of water and the burning of fire.

How are people building a fire now? They collect branches, chop firewood, look for paper for ignition. You can already hear the click of a lighter or a brief creak of a match head. A warm, vibrant flame covers the paper and spreads further. Already burning branches and firewood. The fire broke out!

 Do-it-yourself paper fire

Do-it-yourself paper fire

Previously, people were very afraid of fire, because fires and lightning-carrying fire brought much destruction. Then, some ancient daredevil learned to tame the fire, planting it in one place and not letting it burn everything in its path. Another ancient craftsman learned how to obtain fire, quickly rubbing one stick about the other. Now people could enjoy warm food cooked on fire.They could light their scanty dwelling and be warmed by cold nights. Imagine how important it was for them!

Let us also say thanks to the fire and do a hand-made article in his honor! How to make a paper fire? Making crafts out of paper is very interesting.

For crafts we need:

  • CD - disk
  • Glue
  • Glue Brush
  • Thin as tracing paper
  • Dry twigs
  • Stones
Materials for craftsMaterials for crafts

To begin with, take our CD - disc - this will be the basis on which the craft will be located. Put a lot of glue on the disc and put pebbles on the glue in a circle.

 Sticking stones onto a disk

Sticking stones onto a disk

Inside the circle of stones, we need to fill the space with something that will look like black embers. It can be a handful of real land, tea leaves, ground coffee, dark paper cuts or dark pieces of wood.

We roll up yellow, red and orange paper so that there are sharp corners on top - these will be future flames .Tying the bundle with thread or tape, leaving the top free and straightening it. We lay out on the disk dry twigs, like the logs of the future fire.

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