Paper lantern - decoration for the New Year

Paper lantern- we continue to prepare for the New Year and we will make a simple Christmas-tree toy - a paper lantern that can be hung on a Christmas tree or decorate a house. Also, this master class is suitable for joint work with children.

Materials and tools:

  1. colored cardboard;
  2. scissors or office knife;
  3. ruler;
  4. hole punch;
  5. metal riveting (you can choose an alternative).

Step 1

We cut 4 strips of the same width from a sheet of cardboard, and the length is at your discretion, but one stripe is the shortest, 2 strips approximately 1-2 cm longer and 2 longest (external) also 1-2 cm longer than the average .

Fold the strips together: the middle is the shortest, then the middle and longest. Combine the ends of the strips and make a hole hole punch. Insert the metal riveting and rivet with a hammer. Also doing from the other end.

Due to the fact that the strips of different lengths and turns a flashlight.

At the end we make a loop and decorate a flashlight, for example, with sparkles or tinsel. EverythingPaper Flashlightis ready.

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