Paper Flowers

It is always very pleasant to give gifts to relatives and friends. Especially memorable are those gifts that leave behind a long memory and pleasant memories. Here, for example, you have gathered to go on a birthday, anniversary, or just to meet an old friend and you need to give flowers. Natural flowers are, of course, beautiful, but not for long. A couple of days and flowers, as there was not. It would seem that there seemed to be a gift, but there was not much memory and memory left. Therefore, in such cases, it will be very useful to learn how to make handmade flowers. They look very beautiful, as if alive, and remain for long and pleasant memories. They do not compare with artificial flowers, because they are made with their own hands, and are nowadays considered to be quite a valuable gift. For example, the same small bouquet can be made even from colored paper using the origami technique. Cost-effective, but the result is colorful and memorable. It is this master class that will help us to make a bouquet using origami technique. To do this, we need to take the following:
  • Colored paper of red, orange, yellow, blue and purple colors;
  • Toothpicks;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue for PVA;
  • Ruler;
  • Teip tape in green;
  • Vase for a bouquet.
 Flowers from paper origami
 need to take the following
First we need to cut out from color b crazy squares from which later we will make flower petals. Each flower we will have five petals. In total, we will also have five colors in the bouquet, so we will also have five squares for each color of paper. So, cut out five squares from each paper measuring 7x7 cm.
 cut five squares each
All paper will be one-sided, so the petals will be obtained, as if with stamens inside. In the center there will be white streaks, because on the reverse side the paper is white. We begin to make the first group of red petals. Turn the square white side to the top. Start making the first group
 Begin to make the first group
Fold it diagonally in half , it turns out a double triangle.
 Fold it diagonally in half
Now to the center dyval first the left side of the triangle, and then right. In appearance, we get a kind of folded small diamond.
 small diamond
 small rhombus Now we unwrap the folded sides exactly in half, we get sharp on both sides triangles. The protruding sides of each triangle are turned upwards so that they are leveled with the sides of the diamond.  wrap up so
wrapped up like this
We fold each side in half.We take a brush and glue the PVA with both triangles.
 we smear both triangles
 we smear both triangles
We fold together in the petal, it turns out exactly in half, we press literally seconds on ten and we spread here such petal. The center is obtained by white streaks.
 The middle is obtained
 The center is obtained
So we make only 25 petals of five colors. We take toothpicks, we will form flowers.
 shape flowers
 shape flowers
We brush the side of one petal with glue, lean on the other, grip it lightly and straighten it. So petal by petal, form a flower of five petals. To make the bouquet especially bright, we combine the colors of the petals: red with orange, blue and purple, yellow and blue,yellow and purple.
we coat with glue
 glue the flower
In the center of each stick a toothpick. Now we wrap each tape with a green tape.
 paste the toothpick
 we fold green tape with the tape
The bouquet is ready! It looks very cool. Thank you for your attention.
 Flowers from paper origami

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