Paper model of the M4A3 Sherman

The paper model of the M4A3 Sherman tankis the main American medium tank during the Second World War.

Materials and tools:

  1. scissors, paper knife, drawing ruler
  2. tweezers;
  3. glue brushes and paint;
  4. watercolors (or pencils), toothpicks;
  5. clear acrylic glue ("Moment", etc.);
  6. to print the model matte photo paper with a density of 170-180 g / m2;
  7. for small parts - 70-80 g / m2.

Build Tips:

  1. Before you assemble the part, read the drawings and instructions. Determine the place of each part and imagine its assembly;
  2. Make holes in details before cutting out the part;
  3. Cut only the part (s) you need right now. Unpacked items in a box, and unused sheets in a closed folder (as an option). Throwing out trash after work, carefully inspect the scrap paper;
  4. To better fold the part, it is necessary to hold the ruler along the fold line, pressing lightly with the blunt side of the knife or a toothpick so as not to damage the paper surface. Better to do it from the wrong side of the part;
  5. Keep your fingers clean and be sure to use wipes to wipe your hands, because hands may get dirty in the process;
  6. wind up cylindrical parts before gluing onto a round object of a suitable diameter, this will give them shape;
  7. Before gluing it is necessary to paint the ends of the part. White crop lines spoil the overall look of the model. To paint the ends, use watercolors or gouache paints. After selecting the desired color, apply them in a thin layer, then allow the paint to dry. About markers better to forget;
  8. Take your time with gluing. First, cut out the part, paint it from the end, wait for the paint to dry, assemble the part. Attach it to the place where it should be to make sure everything is done correctly. And only then stick. Do not forget to let the glue dry.

A bit of history

US Medium M4A3 Sherman Tank

«Sherman»(Eng.M4Sherman)-themainAmericanmediumtankduringtheSecondWorldWar.ItwaswidelyusedintheAmericanarmyinalltheatersofhostilities,andalsoinlargequantitiessuppliedtotheallies(primarilyGreatBritainandtheUSSR)undertheLend-Leaseprogram.AfterWorldWarII,«Sherman»wasinservicewiththearmiesofmanycountriesoftheworld,andalsoparticipatedinmanypost-warconflicts.IntheUSArmy,theM4wasinserviceuntiltheendoftheKoreanWar.Name«Sherman»(inhonoroftheAmericangeneralofthetimeoftheCivilWar,WilliamSherman)M4tankreceivedintheBritisharmy,afterwhichthenamestucktothetankintheAmericanandotherarmies.TheSoviettankcrewhadthenickname«emcha» (from M4).

The M4 became the main American tank platform during World War II, and a large number of special modifications, self-propelled guns, and engineering equipment were created on its base.

In total, from February 1942 to July 1945, 49,234 tanks were produced (not counting Canadian-made tanks). This is the third (after the T-34 and T-54) the most massive tank in the world, and the most massive tank of American production.

Basic Serial Versions

A feature of the production of the M4 was that almost all of its options were not the result of upgrades, but had purely technological differences and were made almost simultaneously.That is, the difference between M4A1 and M4A2 does not mean that M4A2 means a later and more advanced version, it only means that these models were made at different factories and have different engines (as well as other minor differences). Modernizations, such as changing an ammunition, equipping with a turret and a cannon, changing the type of suspension, all types were subjected to the whole at the same time, receiving military designations W, (76) and HVSS. Factory designations are different, and include the letter E and numerical index. For example, M4A3 (76) W HVSS had the factory designation M4A3E8.

Serial versions of «Sherman»:

M4 - tank with a welded hull and a carburetor radar engine Continental R-975. It was mass-produced from July 1942 to January 1944 by the companies Pressed Steel Car Co., Baldwin Locomotive Works, American Locomotive Co., Pullman Standard Car Co., Detroit Tank Arsenal. A total of 8389 cars were produced, 6748 of them were armed with an M3 cannon, 1641 M4 (105) got a 105-mm howitzer. M4 production Detroit Tank Arsenal differed cast frontal part and received the name M4 Composite Hull.

Infantry under the guise of a tank "Sherman", equipped with a cutter to overcome the hedges - Bokazhey

The M4A1 is the very first model to go into production, a tank with a cast hull and a Continental R-975 engine, which is almost entirely consistent with the original T6 prototype.It was produced from February 1942 to December 1943 by Lima Locomotive Works, Pressed Steel Car Co., Pacific Car and Foundry Co. A total of 9,677 vehicles were produced, of which 6,281 were armed with an M3 gun, 3396 M4A1 (76) W received a new M1 cannon. The tanks of the very first series had a 75 mm M2 gun and two fixed course machine guns.

M4A2 - tank with a welded hull and a power plant of two General Motors 6046 diesel engines. Produced from April 1942 to May 1945 by the companies Pullman Standard Car Co., Fisher Tank Arsenal, American Locomotive Co., Baldwin Locomotive Works, Federal Machine & Welder Co. A total of 11,283 tanks were produced, 8053 of them were armed with an M3 gun, 3230 M4A2 (76) W received a new gun M1.

M4A3 - had a welded body and a Ford GAA carburetor engine. Produced by enterprises Fisher Tank Arsenal, Detroit Tank Arsenal from June 1942 to March 1945 in the amount of 11,424 pieces. The 5015 had a M3 cannon, 3039 M4A3 (105) 105 mm howitzer, 3370 M4A3 (76) W new M1 cannon. In June - July 1944, 254 pieces of M4A3 with an M3 cannon were converted into M4A3E2.

The M4A4 is a machine with a welded, elongated body and a Chrysler A57 Multibank powertrain of five car engines. Issued in the amount of 7499 pieces by the company Detroit Tank Arsenal. All armed with an M3 gun, and had a slightly modified turret shape, with a radio station in the aft niche and a gun port on the left side of the turret.

M4A5 is the designation reserved for the Canadian Ram Tank, but it is not assigned to it. The tank is interesting because, in fact, it was not a version of the M4, but a very much modernized version of the M3.Ram Tank had an English 6-pound cannon, a molded case with a side door like the prototype T6, a cast turret of the original shape, the chassis matched the M3, with the exception of the tracked tracks. Montreal Locomotive Works produced 1948 cars. Ram did not participate in the battles due to too weak weapons, but served as the basis for numerous armored vehicles, for example, Kangaroo TBTR.

M4A6 - welded body, similar to M4A4, with cast front end. Engine — multi-fuel diesel Caterpillar D200A. 75 tanks were manufactured by the Detroit Tank Arsenal plant. The tower was the same as the M4A4.

Grizzly Bear - M4A1 tank, serially produced in Canada. It is basically similar to the American tank, differed from it by the design of the driving wheel and caterpillar. A total of 188 pieces were produced by Montreal Locomotive Works.

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