Paper tube lampshade

Lampshade from paper tubes- a master class, doing your own lampshade from newspapers, magazines, etc., this is a great option if you want to make a large number of lampshades for a cafe or a holiday. You cannot use incandescent bulbs in such lampshades.

Materials and tools:

  1. newspaper, magazines, etc .;
  2. glue;
  3. spoke;
  4. scissors.

Step 1

Cut the newspaper into strips and use the spokes to roll into conical little tubes. Take the tubules for the frame, with one end we tie it with tape or rope, we proceed to weaving. The process of weaving a lampshade is no different from weaving a basket of paper tubes. Paper tubes are very convenient for weaving material.

In the process of weaving you will need to lengthen the tube, then simply insert one tube into another.

We weave to complete the manufacture of the lampshade.

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