Paracord flashlight handle braid

Paracord flashlight handle braidis a master class in which you will learn how to braid a flashlight handle with a Paracord cord. Thanks to the braid, the flashlight will lie more tightly in your hand and can be fastened to your belt, which is very useful during your hike.

Materials and tools:

  1. Paracord;
  2. scissors;
  3. Lighter;
  4. flashlight.

Step 1

We cut off 2 Paracord cords of a length of 150 cm. Your cord length may differ, it all depends on the thickness and length of the flashlight handle.

We burn the ends of the cord with a cigarette lighter.

Step 2

We twist the two cords, see Figure 1, then move the cords apart and put the flashlight on.

It turned out 4 end of the cord. Take the first end, which lies under the other cord, wrap it over the cord and pass under the cord (see figure), etc.

We pass the third cord through the first one and finish the row.

Step 3

Continuing braid lantern. Having made 5-6 rows we shift the sheath to the lantern and tighten the sheath well.

Step 4

When we have finished the braid of the handle, we make another 2-3 rows from above, well tighten. We cut the ends, put them together and burn them with a lighter.

All,Flashlight arm coveris ready.

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