Patchwork blanket

Have you decided to do a new kind of patchwork? Then it is better to begin the creativity with creation of a patchwork of a blanket. This product is not only one of the simplest, but besides this is a beautiful thing that you can give your loved one, sell or decorate your house. In order for this accessory to please the eye, you should take care of the correctly selected material. It is better to use cotton fabric for this purpose.



The blanket is created by stitching several squares into one whole. If you learn how to do this job efficiently, new frontiers will open before you and you will create beautiful rugs, exclusive pillows and unusual patchwork bedspreads. Thus, a favorite activity can become the basis even for starting a small business.



First of all, you should show imagination and create a model of the future product. Any creation begins with the presentation of the future goal, as it will look in life.

Think about what color it will be.You might want to create a monochrome canvas, distribute colors in a checkerboard pattern, or create some thematic pattern. After the idea is born, it is necessary to prepare the material and divide each shade into several long strips.

You need and fabric for edging. Approximately determine the length of the future web, measuring it with the help of a piece of fabric.

Also need additional tools. These include scissors, thread, pencils or other items for creating tags, templates for shreds and a sewing machine, you may need pins of various sizes.


Patchwork blanket


So, you have prepared the material for further work. Now, it needs to be soaked in warm water. Enough fifteen minutes. Then rinse the cloth in clean water.

If necessary, you can treat the canvas with starch. Before this, it is also necessary to soak the starch, in a ratio of approximately one tablespoon to one cup of water. Then, it is required to boil water in the amount of two liters, remove it from the fire and add it to that starch solution.The procedure is almost complete, it remains to wait for the moment when the water has cooled slightly. After that, it should dip the canvas and let it dry.

The fabric should not be crumpled. To prevent this, you need to carefully hang it on the rope. Constantly check the material. Then you can iron it with a hot iron.



After such a procedure, undesirable stickiness may appear, if such an effect appears, then it is required to enclose gauze. Now, the fabric is ready to go. You can proceed to the most interesting moment, namely, to create a real quilting and patchwork blanket.

Making a patchwork blanket with your own hands

So, you have decided what colors you will have a patchwork blanket. Most likely, you already have his sketch. Now, you need to take two shreds that will be located next door. Of them should carve out two strips of equal size in length, width and shape. After that, you need to gently attach them to each other on the wrong side. Two parts should be combined with each other and flash.



Making a patchwork blanket with your own hands


After that, it is necessary to walk on the seam with an iron.You should have a complete material consisting of two lanes. Next, you need to make squares, also of equal size.

Instead of squares, you can use triangles with equal area and connect them in a certain order. In order for the blanket to be colorful, it is necessary that the triangles have a different shade. As a rule, patchwork technology implies the presence of any particular pattern. Optionally, make a blanket of squares, different shapes, rhombuses, etc .. In any case, the product will have a beautiful look.

Before starting the main work, attach the figures to each other and see what the finished patchwork blanket will look like. Only then choose the option you like and proceed to the connection of figures.

Now, you should take prepared chintz. The fabric is laid out on the table as accurately as possible, the quality of work depends on it. The synthetic winterizer and the finished upper canvas are superimposed on this canvas, all the details of the blankets are swept away and split apart. Then it is stitched with a machine along the borders of squares or drawings.


Patchwork blanket photo


The final stage of the work is to create an edging. To do this, you need to take a strip equal to the length of the entire product and with a width of about 10 centimeters. It is required to fold it in half, process it with an iron and place it on the front side of the product. Sew on typewriter, then wrap on seamy side and flash again. This procedure is performed on each side of the web. The product is ready.



Practice your strength preferably on a baby blanket, and only after that you can proceed to more dimensional products. After you acquire enough skills, learn to sew correctly and carefully, you can proceed to more complex work.

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