Patchwork in knitting: the creation of things from knitted strips

Each needlewoman, who is actively engaged in knitting, is faced with such a problem - she knitted a beige scarf, a brown sweater and black gloves, and there remained a multi-colored yarn, which is not enough to knit something else. Yes, and throw the rest of the yarn the hand does not rise. Meanwhile, from the remnants of thread can make a lot of beautiful, stylish and unusual things. Today we want to tell you how to use leftover yarn and knit things from interwoven knitted strips.

Master class, how to tie a cover on a stool

1. First you need to link the strips themselves.

2. Connect the knitted strips together to make one whole piece.

3. Now the strips need to be twisted.

4. Bind the fabric around the perimeter.

5. Done! We will have such a cute and nice cover on the stool.

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