Pattern knitting stylish poncho that fits any shape

Knitted poncho free silhouette will warm and save from the treacherous spring wind. Such a wardrobe is perfect for any type of figure, as it creates a free silhouette and does not constrain movements. A comfortable poncho can become a worthy alternative to a familiar sweater or knitted dress.

For knitting a poncho that is suitable for 46-48 size you will need about 800 grams of yarn. Use wool, acrylic or thick cotton.

The main decoration of the poncho is a pattern in the form of a large pigtail. Knitting starts from the bottom edge of the shelf. Calculate the required number of loops by tying several rows for an example. This way you will find out how much you need to dial for the initial width. Through each 6 rows you will need to add a loop at the beginning and end of the row.

Approximately at the waist level, you need to start forming the sleeve. In fact, these are just cuts in the canvas, treated with a viscous "elastic".At the desired distance, the neck is formed. At its width closes the required number of loops. Later, a hood will be attached to it.

Poncho fit in one piece. Therefore, to form the back we continue knitting, leaving space for the neck. Get hinges so that the width of the product is the same as in the front. Every 6 rows should be reduced by one loop from each knitting edge.

Hood poncho dialed along the edge of the armhole and is knitted by analogy with the heel of the sock. To connect the two halves of the poncho, thick cords are attached to the cuts. Wash the finished product and dry it, laying it on a towel on a horizontal surface.

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