Pavement tiles: advantages and self-assembly

Paving slabs are in high demand, and the installation of such a coating is easy to implement on their own.

The advantages of paving slabs

  1. A variety of colors and textures make the site unique and comfortable.
  2. Tile is an absolutely safe covering.
  3. The material does not change its characteristics under the influence of sunlight and moisture.
  4. You can easily replace a damaged element without harming the rest of the canvas.

Features of selection

When choosing a tile, pay attention to its appearance, performance characteristics of the material, the configuration of the elements. It is better to choose a small rounded tile, designed for the design of tracks. The car, located on the site, needs a wider canvas. Otherwise, the site will sag and crack.

Independent installation of paving slabs


First you need to prepare the foundation. To do this, the site is cleaned of debris, stones and sod.Wooden stakes are placed along the perimeter and tensioned with a special thread. Next, laying geotextiles, which eliminates the growth of grass between the seams. Then you need to carefully tamp the soil layer and wet it with water to prevent subsidence of the soil.
Paving tiles advantages and do-it-yourself installation
After that, they proceed to the formation of a drainage layer using wet sand. For ensuring additional strength, crushed stone and special mixture meet.


The paving slab is laid from the curb and strictly along the stretched thread. In this case, the coating elements should be placed as close as possible to each other. To compact the canvas, use a rubber hammer. Upon completion of work, the seams are covered with a special mixture and moistened abundantly. The final stage involves cleaning the fabric from dirt and installing a curb. The latter is mounted with a mortar and prevents the expansion of the tile.
Sidewalk tile advantages and self-assembly
Paving tile advantages and do-it-yourself installation
Paving tiles benefits and do-it-yourself installation


As time passes, it is necessary to add sand to the space between the elements to prevent the web from sagging. Paving slabs are not recommended to be treated with various chemicals and sprinkled with salt. Snow removal is done with tools without metal parts.

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