Paper Penguin
Nowadays, origami - as paper crafts are called - is a very popular occupation. But some figures have very complicated and incomprehensible schemes. And children can not repeat them. Therefore, the description with step-by-step photos is a good help for the kids and their parents. Work flow. Take a piece of paper in landscape or black format (blue) (one-sided).
list paper
Fold diagonally with the colored side inward to make a square. Excess cut off. Put the blank fold down.
Bend diagonally
Top of the left corner bend down one third of the distance. Iron the fold.
bend down
Do the same on the other side. Free blue corner on both sides bend upward, and then, bending in half, lower down.
on the other hand
Turn the workpiece over as shown in the photo.Bend the top corner down.
Turn over blank
Bend well. This will be the penguin's head. Unfold the blank by half, grab the edges of the folds so that you have a sharp cap.
 Unfold the blank half
Again, close the two sides, press the top of the folded sheet .
squeeze top
Bend the blue sharp corner as shown in the photo.
Then again, but upwards .
Spread top
Return it to its original position. Spread the top two edges of the workpiece and press the inside of the beak.
yet times
Now grab the base of the beak and the tip, squeeze with your fingers on both sides and slowly reduce them.
With a small crease, give the penguin's beak the correct position. Lower right corner of the workpiece bend so that the torso is turned out.
hold down with your fingers
Bend a long corner to the outside of the figure.
Making a small fold
He should play a little for the contour of the trunk. All bends well smooth and re-deploy. Take the workpiece by the lower part on both sides of the corner that you just bent, move it apart on the tummy and hide the corner inside the figure, leaving only a small corner. This is the penguin's legs.
 Bend a long corner
At the lower part of the body, bend the paper inwards a lot and give a stable position to the leg. In order for your penguin to become just like a real one, glue him eyes.
And in order for him not to be bored, make another one, but of a different color.

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