Perennial onions: popular species, varieties, features of cultivation and reproduction

The most popular types of perennial onions are: onion-batun, allium fragrant, onion-chives, multi-tiered onions.

Onion batun

This onion has many different names, depending on the area of ​​cultivation: pipe, fistula, Tatar, sandy, winter. It is his greens that are so often sold in the markets in the spring.

Batun onions are grown in annual and perennial crops. When sowing seeds in early spring gives its green products at the end of summer, and in the future, the plants are either removed entirely from the soil or left to overwinter. You can sow seeds in the summer (after harvesting early vegetables) - in this embodiment, it is better not to tear the greens and not to weaken young plants. And next spring, after wintering, he begins to grow one of the first perennials already at 1 ° C.

At one place, a batun can be cultivated for 4-6 years and it requires very little care: spring mineral dressing, irrigation and loosening.Its root system is well developed, and in the future (from the second year) it can be propagated by dividing the bush.

With many years of use, onion feather cutting is done 2-3 times per season. The last cut of leaves is done in the middle of August.

This frost-resistant and winter-hardy perennial onions. When the weather is hot, leaves grow coarse. Batun leaves contain several times more sugars than onions. It has many vitamins, protein, salts of magnesium, potassium, iron.

There are not very many varieties for growing in garden plots. Popular ones:Russian winter, April, Baron, Emerald, Parade, Tenderness, Ural family, Giant.

Sweet onion

Received its name for fragrant flowers at the time of flowering. A fragrant onion grows in the spring after wintering later than a batun. His feathers retain their tenderness throughout the growth period. This onion is best grown in a sunny place. The leaves have onion and garlic flavor.

At one place fragrant onions are cultivated 4-5 years. Plants give abundant self-seeding, like all bows, therefore, when the arrows are mass nominated, they are pruned. Onions are propagated by dividing the bush and seeds.

On sale there are varieties of different maturity:Spicy, Caprice, Witch Doctor, Aromatic, Benefit, Oriental, Astrologer Plus.The length of their leaves varies from 25 to 50 cm. Fragrant onion is appreciated for the duration of green yield, high winter hardiness, yield and excellent taste.


This type of onion has thin feathers. It is more cold-resistant and frost-resistant when compared with a batun. Schnitt differs even more strong branching and regrowth of the feather. On the 3rd year, up to 50 styloid leaves grow on a single plant. The height of the bush is 35-60 cm. For a season it gives 3-4 cuts. 3-5 years can grow in one place. In the second year, the onion blooms with purple hats.

For decorativeness and abundant bloom, designers like him, planting chitti in garden compositions. Onion has healing properties and is used in traditional medicine. Chives are suitable for winter forcing on the windowsill. Propagated by seeds in the spring or June-July, as well as the method of dividing the bushes.

The range of this type is presented more widely:Crocus, Medonos, Mirage, Sage, Sonnet, Spring of the North, Bohemia, Spring, Albionand others.

Tiered bow

In plants, up to 300 feline, hollow, leaves up to 80 cm long and 3-4 cm wide leaves appear, and, as in the case of bulbous species, a real onion is formed.The peculiarity of this onion is the formation on the flowering shoots instead of seeds in 2-4 tiers of a variety of aerial bulbous bulbochka, 0.5-2 cm in size each.Onions withstand frost at -40 o C and does not require shelter. Biennial plants are propagated by planting aerial freshly picked onion. Starting from the age of 3, the bushes are divided and planted. Without a transplant, plants can be grown up to 5 years old, yielding a crop from 1 square meter annually: greens - up to one kilogram, aerial bulbs - up to 1.2 kg, underground bulbs - up to 1.5 kg. By phytoncidal properties, this species is superior to all others.

Common varieties of tiered onions:Likova, Memory, Chelyabinsk.

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