Book-charging for phone / iPhone / iPod

Book-charging for your phone / iPhone / iPodwith your own hands is an interesting and simple workshop, as a result we get charging in the form of a book that will find its place on your desk or will be a great and original gift .

Materials and tools:

  1. hardcover book;
  2. phone / iphone / ipod charger;
  3. drill and drill;
  4. Stationery knife or paper knife.

Step 1

First, take a book and draw a rectangle - this will be the place for drilling (where the charge will go) width and length, like a charger. Take a drill and drill 2 holes, approximately to the middle of the book, along the edges of the rectangle. These holes will help cut further.

Step 2

Then, using a stationery knife (paper knife) and cut out a rectangle, cutting through the cover and sheets of the book until about the middle of the book.

Step 3

After cutting out the place for the charger, cut the "tunnel" in the pages of the book for the charger wire.

Step 4

Insert the charger into the hole and run its wire along the "tonel".

Now, depending on your desire, the pages of the book and the cover can be glued together and fix the charger inside (the charger can also be glued). Or "insert" the charger into the book and close the book, then the charger can be removed from the book.

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