Photo Album with Teddy Bear

Every mother wants to keep a photo of her baby from birth and record every moment of her smooth maturity, starting from the first day of life, then for months, years, and so on. And you also want to take pictures of special moments, such as the first steps, bathing, baptism, smile, achievements, etc. Therefore, for such important moments, a special album is also necessary. So in this we are well rescued by this master class on making an album with your own hands. To make such an album, we will need to take:
  • 20 20 cm binding cardboard two sheets;
  • Korean cotton fabric, soft pink with flowers;
  • Sheets for an album from a set with a teddy bear, printed on a color printer (you can buy such a set from designers on the Internet and then print it), we take 60 pages 19.5 by 19, 5 cm, we then glue and sew them in pairs;
  • Picture with a teddy bear;
  • Sintepon;
  • Scrapbumaga gently -herotic leaves 30 to 30 cm,we take two sheets;
  • Chipboard "Little Princess";
  • Lace wide chiffon white;
  • Cotton pink lace;
  • Chiffon pale pink roses on a ribbon;
  • Knitted chip with a pink crown;
  • Paper roses are white and soft pink;
  • Pink knitted flowers;
  • Pink metal rings with a diameter of 40 mm;
  • Embroidered white flowers;
  • Eyelet grommets and grommet installer;
  • Light pink satin ribbon 20 mm wide;
  • Ruler, scissors , glue stick, glue with effect Scotch tape;
  • A simple pencil and lighter, double-sided tape.
 Album for photos with teddy bear
 Album for photos with a teddy bear
Take cover squares, glue on them strips of double-sided tape.
 Photo album with teddy bear
 Album for photos with teddy bear
We paste the sintepon,Now we take the fabric and cut two squares, we only make a stock, approximately 24 by 24 cm.
 Photo album with a teddy bear
Album for photos with teddy bear
Fabric well pat.
 Photo album with teddy bear
 Album for photos with teddy bear
Now we need to cover the binding squares with a cloth. First, we smear the corners, we wrap them.
 Photo album with teddy bear
 Album for photos with teddy bear
Wrapping both squares, stretching well, but not dragging at the same time.

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