Photo tile for decoration apron in the kitchen

Facing apron - cute kitchen clothes and an important design element

A kitchen apron is, in essence, a normal part of a wall that is located between the surface of the worktop and the hinged kitchen cabinets. However, more recently, this important part of kitchen design has not been given due attention. In most of the apartments, the kitchen was equipped with a facing apron of monochromatic ceramic tiles, which protected the wall from soot and dirt, but did not bear any design load. Today, the design of the kitchen apron has become more diverse, thanks to the fact that the replacement of conventional ceramic tiles has come from modern facing material - photo tile, which not only protects the wall, but also conveys any pleasant photo story for you.
The main advantage of the photo tile is that it gives the room a bright personality, as on the tile you can make any application from a bright abstract image to designer graphics that you like and comes to a common interior.And still the phototile allows to add bright paints and identity to a kitchen interior.
Properly chosen apron design can play a crucial role in the design of the entire kitchen. Options for the design of the original kitchen apron can be many. The working wall can be decorated calm, modest and neutral or bright, expressive and refined. It all depends on your desires and preferences. Just replacing the ceramic layer on the working wall with a more modern photo tile, you can create a completely new decorative image of your kitchen.
Remember, a bright and functional element of your kitchen - facing apron - should be combined with other interior details.

Variants of the working wall phototile

The kitchen design looks very original and modern, where the kitchen apron is made in the form of a panel. Photopanel is a picture from a set of ceramic photo tiles. But, choosing the option of photopanel, you should consider its limited size. If the area of ​​the apron is large enough, then the problem of a limited size can be solved by placing several panels.True, you need to be extremely careful and dock the edges correctly without disturbing the integrity of the picture.
The next design option for a kitchen apron is to use separate photo tiles that will help create an individual design. This option has an undoubted advantage over photopanel. The fact is that individual photo tiles have no size limits, which means you can recreate your favorite pattern in a kitchen of any size. A very original version is a border or a belt made of identical tiles. At the same time, the middle of the apron can be white or decorated with ordinary neutral-color ceramic tiles.
The phototile differs in high wear resistance, is not afraid of temperature difference and does not demand special leaving.
Although the photo tile is a novelty of building stores, it has already managed to win the love of both designers and connoisseurs of non-standard solutions who love bright colors and exclusiveness in interior design.

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