Photos of animals that could capture in the most unexpected moments

It is believed that a person has a sense of humor. But, looking at these photos, you will seriously begin to doubt it. Animals that photographers could capture in the most unexpected moments surprise and touch.

If a person cannot scratch himself in a certain place, he asks for loved ones or uses special devices. Rhino has to be more inventive.

And we thought that only in human society it was customary to "go over the heads." And no!

In the cruel world of deep-sea animal rights, there may not be one who has sharper teeth, but one who has longer fins. Especially if the opponent has such a strong shell.

Looking at this photo, you remember the theory of Darwin. Even if you are a dedicated creationist.

And they say that mice do not like the smell of wormwood. Or is it some kind of wrong mouse?

Some sit on the mother's neck for a very long time.This bear in such a reproach can not be.

Even a tiger will envy it! Let them not real.

Sometimes parents push chicks out of the nest. This coped with the task yourself.

Interestingly, they argue with each other, resent, or just sing?

Hello fishermen!

Apparently, he just found out just incredible news!

Well, but no one comes.

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