Pillow star - a luxurious piece of furniture. Master Class

Soft cushions of original design will give the room a cosiness and a wonderful atmosphere of the sea coast. This master class will show that such a decoration can be practical for anyone who is not the first to work on the needles. The thicker the yarn, the larger the total size of your pillow will be. Pick up cotton or knit yarn in a nice shade and go!

For the project will need:

  • Yarn;
  • six spokes (seven if you have a six-pointed star);
  • scissors

You can knit such a pillow for 108 or 220 loops, choose what is right for you. Type the required number of loops and distribute equally between the spokes. Each individual ray can be marked with a marker. Knit a pillow in a circle according to a special scheme.

The first seven loops knit facial. Two loops are removed on the needle that is on the right. One facial, which then stretches through the two taken off. The resulting loop is placed on the needle on the right.This method will form a pigtail on the surface and contributes to the fact that the knitting fabric is reduced. The last loop is a purl.

In the next row already knit six loops to broach. In the next - five. Where there are no loops between the broaches, we knit them with purses and stretch them. In the last, closing row, two loops are knitted into one. At the end of the hinge, the edge of the thread is sent to the inside. You need to tie the two halves, sew them and fill them with filler. For five-pointed stars, 5 spokes are taken + one worker.

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